The Book

Our world is desperately broken.

Man, woman, child, everyone – is hurting.

Life is not valued because people have forgotten their dignity and their invaluable worth.

We’ve forgotten this, because we’ve forgotten what grace, mercy, and forgiveness mean.

We’ve forgotten this because we don’t remember what genuine, authentic love is….and most of all, we’ve forgotten how to be loved.

This crisis is jeopardizing lives.  Especially women.

Women are the only creatures that can co-create with God.  Out of all the places God could have chosen to form his most precious creation {human life}, he chose the womb of a woman.  Incredible.

The world, however, does not think this is incredible, remarkable, or even significant.

The world says of woman:

You are nothing

Your body is a hindrance, an inconvenience, a flaw

You are not good enough

You are unloveable

This is a crisis.

Because of this ideology, young women are treating their bodies like trash.  They have forgotten their dignity.  They are getting drunk, hooking up, and hating themselves.

Then……when this broken lifestyle leads to the unplanned, the scary, the terrifying, the embarrassing – a pregnancy, there is no where to turn.


Abortion is the answer (according to the world).  Women are too broken, too hurt, too ashamed and beaten down to remember that they are worth more than this.

I would know….I was one of these girls.

So You Think You’re Pro-Life? is a book dedicated to all the broken young women who face an unplanned pregnancy.  It will give insight on the REAL thoughts, emotions, and spiritual attacks that come with an unplanned pregnancy.  It will tell how the devil attacks ALL life, and he does it by first attacks the heart of a woman.  This book will also reveal how life, forgiveness, and mercy can make all things beautiful again.  It will remind women of their innate unchanging dignity and that life is precious, beautiful, spectacular, remarkable, and worth fighting for. It will teach us how we can really be pro-life by loving the woman first.

If you are interested in supporting, or participating in the production of this book please contact me below.


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9 thoughts on “The Book

  1. I work as an RN in a pregnancy center, Birthchoice, in Dallas. I do the sonograms on many broken exploited woman and have been collecting annecdotal unsolicitated stories from them about Planned Parenthood experiences.
    I have been saying to pro life people what you are saying for years but now in the past 2 yrs I have received the courage to say it to anyone to listen. So glad you are putting it into a book. I am not that girl but could have been. Sharon Flottman c# 469-693-3701

  2. Dear Raquel,
    I’m a new mama too – I had my baby on Oct. 16 and she’s a little girl as well.
    1. I love your story
    2. Doesn’t the Lord have a BEAUTIFUL way of making your wounds your passion?!?
    3. So inspired by your blog (and time to be mama, grad student & blogger…oh a crafter on the side)
    4. I want to be your friend!! (I kinda feel like one of those creepy kids in school writing the note, “will you be my friend, check yes or no”) 🙂 Haha!!

    I’ve been organizing a group of Catholic moms to get together and share all our tips and tricks of raising our children…would you be interested in coming and spending some time with us?!? We’ve only have one “Mommy’s Morning Out” so far, but it was a huge success and we’ve been asked to host another one.

    PS I know Maggie so she can tell you that I’m only a little CRAZY 🙂
    Love, Natalia

    1. YES YES YES. Haha, and no that is not creepy at all!! Let’s be friends ASAP, and I definitely want to come out to “Mommy’s Morning Out”. It sounds epic!!! Thanks for writing! Can’t wait to meet in real life 🙂

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