Love Letters


The “Love Letters” is a collection of letters written by moms to their children expressing their love for them.

It is specifically designed for those of us women who experienced the unplanned pregnancy at a young age.  For those women that were like me: alone, afraid, unwed, young, and broken.  For us – finding out we were pregnant was not the joyful, exciting experience it is meant to be.  In fact, it was quite the opposite.  Some of us planned abortions, others pleaded for the pregnancy to somehow end, and most of us just really did not want to be mothers….yet.  The truth is, once we accepted the reality of our pregnancies, accepted love and forgiveness, and dove into the lifelong journey of motherhood, we realized that we DID want our children, and we were madly in love with them (we just needed time to realize it).  The love letters is a collection of these letters to our children, explaining all of this to them.  Because of the unconventional family our children will grow up in, they will one day realize they came from an “unplanned pregnancy” and may question their wantedness.  These letters will hopefully squash any doubt they have in their mind and express that we LOVE them dearly, and they were anything but unplanned…because the truth is, they were planned by God in his perfect timing.  Because of them, our lives have been changed forever…for the better.

Here’s to my daughter, AvaMarie who inspired me to do this.  I love you sweet girl, you saved my life; you showed me what real, genuine, authentic love is; you helped me believe in God and all that is good and beautiful again; and you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I love you little princess….and never forget that!

If you would like to contribute to the “Love Letters” please contact me below!

Dear AvaMarie

Dear Jaden

Dear Roselyn

Dear Xander

Dear Joseph

Dear Lily

Dear Kara

Dear Mom {2 Letters: Birth Mom & Adoptive Mom} SPECIAL EDITION

Dear Hope

Dear Ruth


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