Raquel is a speaker for pro-life/women’s issues.

An example of her testimony is here.

For booking Raquel as a speaker for your event please email


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One thought on “Contact/Speaking

  1. i love your posts! ok, i only read 2 but I too had irresponsible sex for a while before i became pregnant with my daughter (i was 24 so i wasn’t as young as you). I really like what you say about how women who get pregnant are the ones that get looked down upon while everyone else on their abortafacient (sp?) birth control is treated like they are somehow better and more responsible. I, too, have witnessed this myself and yes obviously because I was “that” girl too. I also think you’re right about the fact that there is little to no social support for women (ie. if you’re in college, you’re expected to make the choice to abort). I am in grad school and am taking it super slow because there is no effort at all to put an emphasis on parents on campus. keep up the good work, I am also trying to get back on the catholic track, too!

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