School Counselor Door Sign

As a new middle school counselor in the building, I really wanted to make myself as available as possible for my students.

I want an open door policy, and I want students to always feel welcome in my office.

However, if you are familiar with school counselors, or know one, work with one, etc…you certainly know that it is BUSY!

Busy=door closed.

Having my door closed is less than inviting.

However…if I have a nifty door sign that says exactly what I’m doing or where I’m at…my hope is that it will take away the ambiguity of having my door closed. I won’t seem so distant to my students. Continue reading “School Counselor Door Sign”


Crafternoon: Doll Cradle

It’s no secret that I love handmade toys… And since my specialty is handsewn dolls, my daughter has taken a liking to playing pretend with all her dolls.

I constantly find her little dolls and stuffed animals in cute little setups. The favorite setup is when the dolls are going to bed. AvaMarie just loves tucking them in and setting up little beds with cozy blankets.

So when I came across this doll cradle for $5 at Goodwill, I couldn’t say no.

Finally a little bed to assist in my daughter’s cute little imagination.

All it took was some leftover paint and an afternoon. Tada!! Easy craft for hours of play in return!  Continue reading “Crafternoon: Doll Cradle”

Crafternoon: Heaven Box for Peg Saints

For those of you who didn’t see my post last week, I hosted and participated in a Catholic Saint Peg Doll Swap.

The details on how to do it are here.

But…it was awesome, and I ended up with tons of little keepsake wooden, hand painted Saints for the little girl to play with (and hopefully learn about as I try to create our little Domestic Church at home). Continue reading “Crafternoon: Heaven Box for Peg Saints”

Catholic Peg Doll Swap: How To

Saint Peg Doll Swaps are the latest “thing” in the Catholic Mom world.

I have heard about them and seen them…but never done one. So, this Lent I decided to give it a go and host my own office “Saint Peg Doll Swap”.

In sum…it was AWESOME! Continue reading “Catholic Peg Doll Swap: How To”

Advent Chain

So…I was way behind on Advent (yet again…see last year’s post: Advent Fail)

But…I decided that it’s better to do something late then to not do it at all.

So many times I have these great plans to do something, and if I don’t do it right away then I just give up completely…and that’s just silly.

So if you’re like me and haven’t done anything for advent yet…just start now! Who cares! Continue reading “Advent Chain”

Crafternoon: Whaley Cute Baby Shower

Have you noticed how “in” the whales are with the baby stuff? They are so cute…no wait, they are WHALEY cute!

I helped with some decorations for a friend’s baby shower and it was WHALE THEMED!

So. Great.
Continue reading “Crafternoon: Whaley Cute Baby Shower”