Liberal America, explain yourself

All these thoughts keep coming up in my head lately. So I just have to write it out or they’ll keep buzzing around.

I blame the elections and how torn I am between Conservative America and Liberal America. Both have great ideas to offer.

Now, it’s no secret I’m a typical small town conservative girl… With a liberal twist (blame my counselor side). But with the Republican candidate that is winning these primaries, for the first time I’m considering voting Democrat. Note that it was a very brief consideration.

There’s a huge explanation from Liberal America that I have yet to hear before I will every vote for a liberal candidate.

And that is this….
Why, Liberal America, do you preach and boast and pride yourselves on being an advocate, trailblazer, and champion for the oppressed and discriminated against when you daily promote abortion… The killing of the most weak, and oppressed, and discriminated against, and vulnerable of our human population? Continue reading “Liberal America, explain yourself”


2015 Favorites

I realize this is about a month late, but I still wanted to do it because it’s such a great way to reflect and look back on the year. I was inspired after looking at my posts on  2014 and 2013 and really hope to keep this going!

A few of my favorite things from 2015!

Continue reading “2015 Favorites”

Project 365 Days of Gratitude

Last year I embarked on Project 365 Days of Presence… and it was an incredible experience to constantly focus on being fully present and engaged with people and hold myself accountable to that goal.

I learned many lessons, read some great books on the topic, and most of all-I experienced more than I would have if I wasn’t practicing this skill.

I won’t claim to have mastered the art of “presence” by any means… But practicing being intentional with where I am in life naturally led me to my new project: Gratitude. Continue reading “Project 365 Days of Gratitude”

Confidently Insecure

Confidence is a topic that people have many opinions on.

And I’ve oddly had several conversations about this topic with many of my friends lately.

The general consensus I’ve gathered is that…you should be confident, even if you’re not actually confident about something, you should fake it…because that’s attractive. Continue reading “Confidently Insecure”

This is Me…Being Excruciatingly Vulnerable

So, I just turned 24

My daughter just turned 2

I’m on the last leg of my Master’s program…

Life is flying at lightning speed.

And I finally realized something. Continue reading “This is Me…Being Excruciatingly Vulnerable”