Why Isn’t Planned Parenthood Defunded Yet?

Just some thoughts… Especially for many of my pro choice friends, because I think there’s a huge misunderstanding about the idea of defunding Planned Parenthood.

First of all… If Planned Parenthood is defunded, it DOES NOT mean all Planned Parenthoods will suddenly disappear from earth and cease to exist. It simply means the government stops contributing taxpayer money to this organization.
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CDC is Pro-Life When it comes to Women and Alcohol

There’s been a lot of controversy of the most recent publishing from the CDC on women, alcohol, and birth control. I read the original report and concluded that the CDC was in fact…pro-life. Calm down everyone…I know many women are enraged that the CDC suggested that women should be on birth control if they plan to be drinking any alcohol and that this is a … Continue reading CDC is Pro-Life When it comes to Women and Alcohol

Is Birth Control Sexist?

Some questions I’ve been pondering regarding birth control, abortion, and the like…

Since we live in an unfortunate ideology where to be a true “woman” we should endorse “women’s rights”… Which in the current day in age is: birth control and abortion…

To not endorse these ideas is considered a betrayal on women and all that we have fought for. We should be liberated in all things right?

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My Brother Wrote a Paper on Me

I need to start off by saying my brother is a stud. He is seriously such a great man and even though he’s my “little” brother, I look up to him in so many ways. His integrity, thoughtfulness, and determination are just a few of the qualities that he has mastered.  Anyways, I recently called him for advice and to process some moral dilemmas and social justice topics that I always mull over, and he mentioned that he wrote this paper on me… Well maybe not on me per se, but I inspired his choice of topic.  When he was telling me what he wrote I started to tear up immediately and asked him why he never told me about this! He, being his humble self, just thought it wasn’t a big deal.  Long story short, I told him that I just HAD to post this to my blog 1) because this piece was so special to me and made me cry 2) because my brother is so wise and we can all learn from him. Continue reading “My Brother Wrote a Paper on Me”

My Rose

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that I stumbled upon this little letter I wrote my daughter today. This was dated back in January…and it surfaced at the perfect time. It’s October…pro-life month, it’s the day before I give a pro-woman training to all the college students participating in Bearfoot for Babies, and it’s a week before I give my testimony to a group in Ft. … Continue reading My Rose