Big Girl Room

This past summer, my sweet little girl moved out of my room into her new big girl room. It was a really exciting time for her…and a bitter-sweet time for me. You can read the full story about the big move here.

One of the most exciting parts of this experience was getting to decorate a perfect room for my little girl. This room was originally my brother’s so it was painted a navy blue and red and definitely needed a change for my little girl’s “girly” style. She helped me choose fabrics and colors… She is so sweet-she knows my favorite color is turquoise, so she wanted both my favorite color and her favorite color (pink) to be a part of the room.

Over the summer I challenged myself to have the majority of her room decor be handmade or re-purposed. 1) This would save money and 2) this would be so special and fun for me!

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Lessons in Gratitude: The Day My Roommate Moved Out

It was a fun day… Filled with painting, rearranging, decorating, and pretending like I was Joanna Gains from fixer upper, making you a fabulous new room.
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2015 Favorites

I realize this is about a month late, but I still wanted to do it because it’s such a great way to reflect and look back on the year. I was inspired after looking at my posts on  2014 and 2013 and really hope to keep this going!

A few of my favorite things from 2015!

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Confessions of a Jealous and Guilty Mama

It’s the beginning of my last few days off.

It’s the time in my graduate program where I have to quite my job, and pay to work.

And…I’m starting to get pretty nervous and scared about the whole ordeal. The past two years, I’ve had a really nice set up.

Working part-time

Being a student

And having lots of time to be a mom

And even enough time to start up a crafting gig for fun

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To the Man I Marry…I hope you like pink

There’s a man out there who I will probably marry one day. (poor guy)

But, fortunately for him…he get’s more than just me out of the deal. The man I marry will get the cutest little girl to ever live as his daughter. (lucky guy)

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