School Counseling Office Remodel

While I was in my Master’s program, I specifically remember one day in a supervision class, we discussed the layout and style of our future offices. Obviously I love DIY/decor type stuff…so I was pretty into the class discussion.

Not to mention, I’ve never quite had my “own” professional space to completely decorate and make my own.

So…when the day finally came that I landed a job and got my OWN office, I was pretty pumped and I decided to share my office makeover with you all.

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School Counselor Door Sign

As a new middle school counselor in the building, I really wanted to make myself as available as possible for my students.

I want an open door policy, and I want students to always feel welcome in my office.

However, if you are familiar with school counselors, or know one, work with one, etc…you certainly know that it is BUSY!

Busy=door closed.

Having my door closed is less than inviting.

However…if I have a nifty door sign that says exactly what I’m doing or where I’m at…my hope is that it will take away the ambiguity of having my door closed. I won’t seem so distant to my students. Continue reading “School Counselor Door Sign”

Lessons of a Future Counselor Pt. 3

Phew…graduated with my Master’s in School Counseling, applying for licensure, and am currently on the job hunt.

Thus… I’m still a “future” School Counselor, but I’m anxiously awaiting the time when I can post “Lessons of a School Counselor” (without the future part).

The past semester I was fully immersed in the School Counseling through my full-time internship. I’ve never grown more, and that’s what I love about this job, it never ceases to teach me lessons.

These lessons are some of the most valuable, and that’s why they are worth documenting because I love to look back on them, and I foresee these lessons being a valuable tool on the tough days and the days when I’m feeling burnt out or too tired to care. So this is for my own well-being, but maybe you will find it valuable too. (Also see Lessons of a Future Counselor &  Lessons of a Future Counselor Pt. 2)

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Defining Our Terms

The world is broken… Situations are getting more and more complex by the second. There is a lot of gray. Controversy is everywhere. Sometimes in these gray and complex situations, anger can develop. But anger is neither good nor bad… It just is. Anger has no rightness or wrongness because it is an emotion and not an action. Actions can have moral implications. Emotions do … Continue reading Defining Our Terms

The Problem With Bootstraps

Once upon a time there was a brand new teacher.  It was her first teaching job, and she was so thrilled to be teaching these fresh little 1st graders. She had big dreams for them and no matter what happened that year…she wanted to make sure every single one of those students knew one thing.

That one thing she wanted them to know was that they could do anything…anything that they dreamed of…as long as they just worked hard and pulled themselves up by their bootstraps.

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Let’s Talk About the “P” Word (Privilege)

Lately there has been a lot going on in the news about racism and the cops and injustice.

And by lately, I mean the past several years…


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