Saturdays with the Saints, Peg Doll Swap

This is the 2nd Lent that I’ve been a part of the famous “Saint Peg Doll Swap” It’s easily one of my favorite community crafting events, and of course I had to document it! I love how it is an easy way to 1) create a mandatory crafternoon 2)bring community with other moms, friends, and families 3) provide a classic toy for kiddos to learn about … Continue reading Saturdays with the Saints, Peg Doll Swap

Saturdays with the Saints: Kateri

St. Kateri Tekakwitha. What a sweet name…AND she was lucky enough to be canonized by St. Pope JP II!! Also the first Native American Saint and was also very young role model for our youth. She was a diligent worker and lived a life of chastity, even after enduring much suffering when her parents died from smallpox and she herself was left disfigured and half … Continue reading Saturdays with the Saints: Kateri

Safe or Strong Parenting?

I’ve been reading “Grace-Based Parenting” by Dr. Tim Kimmel the past few weeks and it has really been challenging my way of thinking when it comes to raising a Catholic child in this extremely scary, broken, and hostile world.

Now I’m no parenting expert…haha I’m winging it just like everyone else. However, this book is challenging my whole approach and so I thought I would share.

Continue reading “Safe or Strong Parenting?”

Saturdays with the Saints

As I grow my little Catholic doll-making business, (visit my shop tab or my actual Etsy page) I thought I might as well take the opportunity to learn more about the different Saints that I’ve been sewing. Lately I’ve been busily sewing the cutest little Saints… But I don’t know anything about many of them. So in an attempt to have a more prayerful year, … Continue reading Saturdays with the Saints