Big Girl Room

This past summer, my sweet little girl moved out of my room into her new big girl room. It was a really exciting time for her…and a bitter-sweet time for me. You can read the full story about the big move here.

One of the most exciting parts of this experience was getting to decorate a perfect room for my little girl. This room was originally my brother’s so it was painted a navy blue and red and definitely needed a change for my little girl’s “girly” style. She helped me choose fabrics and colors… She is so sweet-she knows my favorite color is turquoise, so she wanted both my favorite color and her favorite color (pink) to be a part of the room.

Over the summer I challenged myself to have the majority of her room decor be handmade or re-purposed. 1) This would save money and 2) this would be so special and fun for me!

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School Counseling Office Remodel

While I was in my Master’s program, I specifically remember one day in a supervision class, we discussed the layout and style of our future offices. Obviously I love DIY/decor type stuff…so I was pretty into the class discussion.

Not to mention, I’ve never quite had my “own” professional space to completely decorate and make my own.

So…when the day finally came that I landed a job and got my OWN office, I was pretty pumped and I decided to share my office makeover with you all.

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School Counselor Door Sign

As a new middle school counselor in the building, I really wanted to make myself as available as possible for my students.

I want an open door policy, and I want students to always feel welcome in my office.

However, if you are familiar with school counselors, or know one, work with one, etc…you certainly know that it is BUSY!

Busy=door closed.

Having my door closed is less than inviting.

However…if I have a nifty door sign that says exactly what I’m doing or where I’m at…my hope is that it will take away the ambiguity of having my door closed. I won’t seem so distant to my students. Continue reading “School Counselor Door Sign”

Crafternoon: Doll Cradle

It’s no secret that I love handmade toys… And since my specialty is handsewn dolls, my daughter has taken a liking to playing pretend with all her dolls.

I constantly find her little dolls and stuffed animals in cute little setups. The favorite setup is when the dolls are going to bed. AvaMarie just loves tucking them in and setting up little beds with cozy blankets.

So when I came across this doll cradle for $5 at Goodwill, I couldn’t say no.

Finally a little bed to assist in my daughter’s cute little imagination.

All it took was some leftover paint and an afternoon. Tada!! Easy craft for hours of play in return!  Continue reading “Crafternoon: Doll Cradle”

Lessons in Gratitude: The Truth Behind Starting a Small Business

Ever since I graduated with my Master’s in School Counseling-my life has been a roller coaster.’s always been a roller coaster if I’m honest. But it keeps it interesting. First of all…graduating in December is the WORST time to find a “school” position-which was about the only thing I was qualified for. So it’s a tad stressful when I already took a risk and quit … Continue reading Lessons in Gratitude: The Truth Behind Starting a Small Business