Kiddo Kitchen

This post is long overdue, but I’m slowly trying to catch up…I hope you forgive me! Adulting is hard!

Anyways. I made this kitchen almost two years ago, but came across another old furniture piece that I plan on remaking into a kitchen and it reminded me that I never shared this post!

This has been one of THE GREATEST children’s toys I’ve ever made…and it really was simple!

I did it in one weekend.

Materials Needed:

  • Old entertainment center (from craigslist/goodwill/etc. You can often find them for free…mine was $30)
  • Paint (I used old paint)
  • 1/2 yard of fabric (I used leftover fabric)
  • Old metal bowl (25 cents at Goodwill)
  • Sink fixtures (Home Depot for $25)
  • 4 wooden circles (Michael’s for 98 cents each)
  • 4 wooden nobs with holes (Michael’s $2 for a pack)
  • We had to replace the “fridge” door…so we used some scrap particle board
  • We were able to salvage all the hinges! No cost!

I obviously surfed Pinterest for some inspiration.

Since I was being thrifty, I settled on some old paint from previous projects…a vibrant turquoise (my favorite). Looking back, I wish I just went with white, but oh well…it is a fun color and I can always repaint it later if I want.

The entertainment center just needed a good cleaning, a light sand, and some paint. If you want maximum durability, use some primer, but we were going for the weekend project and wanted to knock it out.

We had to cut a hole in the counter for the sink bowl and faucet. We drilled the wooden circles onto the counter for the stove top (after we painted them black) and we found small enough screws to drill in the knobs so that they could still turn.

We decided to make all the “appliances” black. I used a white paint pen and silver sharpie to draw the microwave numbers and the the lines on the stove top.

We rotated the hinges on the oven so it would actually open like an oven, and stapled up the fabric beneath the sink.


This toy/real kitchen has already been worth wonders and the hours it has spent keeping my sweet little girl entertained is well worth the $55!!




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