Big Girl Room

This past summer, my sweet little girl moved out of my room into her new big girl room. It was a really exciting time for her…and a bitter-sweet time for me. You can read the full story about the big move here.

One of the most exciting parts of this experience was getting to decorate a perfect room for my little girl. This room was originally my brother’s so it was painted a navy blue and red and definitely needed a change for my little girl’s “girly” style. She helped me choose fabrics and colors… She is so sweet-she knows my favorite color is turquoise, so she wanted both my favorite color and her favorite color (pink) to be a part of the room.

Over the summer I challenged myself to have the majority of her room decor be handmade or re-purposed. 1) This would save money and 2) this would be so special and fun for me!

Project 1: Bed Quilt

I really wanted to make her a quilt bedspread, so that was the MAJOR project of the summer. My mom and I did it together and it took FOREVER. This was our first huge quilt, but it was so worth it and now I’m hoping it will be a special keepsake for the rest of my daughter’s life. She will know her mom and grandma made it together just for her.


Project 2: Dresser

We refinished this dresser using our shop at REcreate. You can actually see a blog post about it at (We also repainted an old night stand and rocking chair, and my mom recovered the old rocking chair’s cushions with this gorgeous gray fabric).


Project 3:Decor

Erik made tons a sweet things to decorate the room with.

He made a little “Dress-Up Station” with a custom made mirror and handmade Dress holder.


He also gifted little AvaMarie a cute (handmade) ironing table and measuring stick for Christmas. In addition to all of that, I had him make some frames and hearts out of leftover wood from other projects. They are just perfect! I  found a gorgeous quote printable from Etsy to put in Erik’s frame.


With the other frame I embellished the letter “A” with felt flowers and then also made the “Dearly Loved” sign with fabric flowers and a wax paper transferred quote (tutorial coming soon!). I simply added fabric scraps to the banner (got from Target’s $1 section) and put vinyl lettering on it to spell “beloved”.


My mom makes TeePees for the craft shows we do together, so that was handmade already!


Basically, the only things I had to buy brand-new were the string lights (Walmart), the curtains and curtain holder/hooks (TJ Max), the rug (The HOME Store), laundry basket (Walmart), and the decorative pillows (Ross).

It turned out so nice! I just love being in there for play time and story time. It is also AvaMarie’s favorite place in the house! The only sad part about this post is that I never took before pictures!!! However, I hope you love the makeover as much as we do!







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