School Counseling Office Remodel

While I was in my Master’s program, I specifically remember one day in a supervision class, we discussed the layout and style of our future offices. Obviously I love DIY/decor type stuff…so I was pretty into the class discussion.

Not to mention, I’ve never quite had my “own” professional space to completely decorate and make my own.

So…when the day finally came that I landed a job and got my OWN office, I was pretty pumped and I decided to share my office makeover with you all.

Now…my office is exactly a 10ft x 10ft room, with no windows, and some terribly beat up walls. My office was actually not really meant to be there…it was created by closing off a storage walkway between two classrooms and adding a door to the hallway. Nifty.

Most people would complain about my office, but I was so excited to actually HAVE an office that I jumped straight to excitement over it and I thought it was just the most perfect little place to spruce up.

Previously, my office had a grungy couch and a GIGANTIC desk. Ok…the desk wasn’t that big, but in a room that small, it practically took up half of the space. (Literally though-the desk measured 5ft in length).

Here’s a look:



Luckily, the school I work for was pretty open to let me do whatever I wanted as far as painting and switching out furniture. I just had to use paint that they already had at the school (which meant FREE cost of paint to me!)

A few things I wanted to do (you can also check out my School Counseling Pinterest board here):

  • All new furniture (unfortunately-since I didn’t like what was in there, it was on me to find new furniture…so to craigslist I went!)
  • Mural wall-hopefully to help it seem a little more cozy and less closety
  • Chalk table
  • More storage (previously there was no storage, and no secure storage besides one drawer that locked in the desk! Call me needy, but I needed a little more).

So, for the entire summer leading up to the start of the school year, I was crafting and stalking Craigslist for furniture.

I scored an old table from a “buy and sell” site and refinished it into a chalkboard table ($10 plus $7 quart of chalk paint at Lowe’s).



I scored a cute white desk from Craigslist that even had a nice power strip feature on the back! ($40).

I found an old filing cabinet on craigslist as well ($15).

By SHEER LUCK I got brand new rollie pod/ottomans for $6 total just because my dad’s office was moving and was selling most of their furniture.

My parents gifted me with 2 used chairs and a used corner bookshelf-because they knew I needed it! I opted for some chairs because as cliche as having a couch in a counseling office is…I think that chairs give me more freedom to have multiple people in my room without it getting uncomfortable. Plus…being a middle school counselor, we all know there will be girl drama, and if I’m doing a girl mediation between two students, I’m positive they don’t want to be sitting by each other on a couch! I can also have parents and students in there at the same time for meetings because the rollie pods double as chairs. In total, I can comfortably seat 5 people in there (including myself). That is an accomplishment in itself considering the size of the room!

I had a ton of knick knacks and gifts from my graduation (all my Inside Out posters and plushies, and kinetic sand).

Otherwise a quick trip to the dollar store got me all my other fun toys and fidgety things, plus chalk, clipboards and all the artsy stuff (probably spent around $20-$30 there).

Walmart supplied my lamps and string lights, and pillows for under $40…and voila, I furnished my office in under $200. I think that is pretty darn good considering it is my first office…I know teachers can spend a fortune on their classrooms. But, luckily my little 10 x 10 space kept me under budget. I also had to start from scratch because by the end, I believe the only thing that was still there from the beginning was my desk chair.

The rest was just the labor of painting the mural on the walls (Inspiration found here) and getting everything hung up in just 2 days! Luckily I had some helpers!



I chose to do two of the walls in the mural and leave one wall for my desk necessities:calendar, bulletin board, etc. The other wall is for art…assuming the kiddos draw me pictures and stuff! Fingers crossed! For now I put up some lovely quotes done by Kelly Langley-Cook which can be found on her Etsy shop: Cookstah.

Here’s a better look at the mural:


Luckily with back to school sales I got the organizer rack and cork boards for cheap. I found the calendar at Goodwill and the boyfriend made this awesome mason jar pencil holder for me! He also helped drill straight into this brick wall for me…He’s pretty handy to have around.

One of my favorite buys was the Desk Organizer Flipper Thing…(behind the phone). This is amazing-since I sacrificed and got this smaller desk to have more space, this organizer helps me keep all the bell schedules, lunch duties, teacher phone numbers, etc. at an easy reach AND it saves space.


Here’s that chalk table I remade! It fits perfectly in the corner and holds all my artsy stuff and toys underneath.



The rollie ottomans!!


An extra special thanks to my helper! He moved everything in and helped paint!


Hope you enjoy! Would love to see other office makeovers out there!


3 thoughts on “School Counseling Office Remodel

  1. Wow!!! Absolutely love it. WTG! Love all your special details! FYI, I have a two drawer and a four drawee file cabinet I’d f u need another one! Christine M

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