School Counselor Door Sign

As a new middle school counselor in the building, I really wanted to make myself as available as possible for my students.

I want an open door policy, and I want students to always feel welcome in my office.

However, if you are familiar with school counselors, or know one, work with one, etc…you certainly know that it is BUSY!

Busy=door closed.

Having my door closed is less than inviting.

However…if I have a nifty door sign that says exactly what I’m doing or where I’m at…my hope is that it will take away the ambiguity of having my door closed. I won’t seem so distant to my students.

Instead of kids walking by and thinking…jeez, Ms. Kato’s door is ALWAYS closed-they can instead look and see where I’m at and know that YES, I am, in fact, in the building!

The sign also holds me accountable…students will notice if I’m “in meetings” all day, or if I’m “with students”.

Just wanted to share this fun little sign with all my School Counselor buddies out there!

It’s a quick craft (and you know I love a good crafternoon).

What you need:

  • Some type of blank sign
  • Paint markers or decals
  • Embellishments of your choice!

I found my blank chalkboard sign at Michael’s for $2. It was the cheap-o version which works just fine for me!

Then I used my Cricut (greatest investment off Craigslist to date) and cut out some nice decals…You can easily use a paint marker and write on the sign, but my handwriting stinks so I opted for decals.

I chose to attach some felt flowers for the “Come In” side (You can see a tutorial here and here).

Add an arrow clothespin (also from Michael’s 99 cents) and voila! You are ready for business!




More on my office decor to come!



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