Liberal America, explain yourself

All these thoughts keep coming up in my head lately. So I just have to write it out or they’ll keep buzzing around.

I blame the elections and how torn I am between Conservative America and Liberal America. Both have great ideas to offer.

Now, it’s no secret I’m a typical small town conservative girl… With a liberal twist (blame my counselor side). But with the Republican candidate that is winning these primaries, for the first time I’m considering voting Democrat. Note that it was a very brief consideration.

There’s a huge explanation from Liberal America that I have yet to hear before I will every vote for a liberal candidate.

And that is this….
Why, Liberal America, do you preach and boast and pride yourselves on being an advocate, trailblazer, and champion for the oppressed and discriminated against when you daily promote abortion… The killing of the most weak, and oppressed, and discriminated against, and vulnerable of our human population?

Please explain this to me.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… I’m just one of those single topic voters. But quite frankly, this topic is life or death, and in the name of tolerance, hopefully you can hear me out and just tolerate through my thoughts.

I cannot wrap my mind around a few concepts that I’ll explain now.

Gender reveal parties.

Baby showers.

Extremely adorable pregnancy announcements.

All of these huge events (that fuel half of Pinterest) are so glorified… But only about two thirds of the time. Two thirds of the time these events scream: life is valuable! Yes unborn life! Yes we are going to throw a party for the unborn. Why? Because it’s great and amazing and we want to celebrate it! Woohooo, babies! Que ten hours of surfing Pinterest…

But then…
One third of the time they are not known, announced, celebrated, or valued… They die. (Please note that I’m using that word not to be unloving or gruesome, but to be truthful). And I’m not going to go down the route that some people take to tell me that they didn’t die. Yes they did. They were alive, and a procedure (abortion) has to stop them from continuing to be alive… End of story.

So what separates these unborn babies (fetuses, fertilized eggs, insert word you’re comfortable with) from one another?

I propose there are only two things that separate the unborn that get the gender reveals and baby showers and the ones that don’t.

Perceived unwantedness and circumstance

I say “perceived unwantedness” because I don’t think there is any child that is completely unwanted. I refuse to believe that. I don’t even believe that mother’s obtaining abortions don’t want their children. I think they are in crisis and are very afraid of circumstance which temporarily blinds them from the innate and natural want and desire for their child. And even if it were true that a child was unwanted (which it’s not), wantedness should never ever determine value or worth. That is a dangerous way to live. Other awful historical events have happened in an idealogy that certain people were not “wanted” or as “valuable” as others…and we know that is a horrible way to live.

So… Perceived unwantedness separates the 1/3 of preborn from the other gender reveal, baby shower receiving preborn, but so does circumstance.

As I mentioned… Circumstance scares many mothers. Money, time, energy, future plans, relationships, the potential for society shaming them, embarrassment, etc.

All things of circumstance.

But again, circumstance should not determine value or worth.

In general I think Liberal America agrees that circumstance and perceived unwantedness are not indicators of worth. They champion for those who have bad circumstances and are discriminated against.

But not the unborn.

No, in fact they demonize the pro life who advocate for the unborn and their mothers.
They call them women haters and people who actually wage war on women.

Well… Gosh.

I’m a woman…So I don’t think I hate them, and I certainly wouldn’t want to wage war on myself.

I’m more than slightly offended that I’m considered a woman hater, a war starter, and probably a judgmental Christian type that has no clue about this issue… Because that usually tends to get tacked on to my stereotype of being pro life

Let me correct you.

I am a woman and certainly don’t hate them.
I actually had a crisis pregnancy… And I actually almost got an abortion. I almost did that because I was afraid of my circumstances.

But then… A beautiful thing happened. I received amazing, authentic, love and support from my very devout Catholic family (ya…that judgie religion, you got it), I was embraced, encouraged, and empowered by my church community (yes, still the Catholic judgie ones), and I was given abundant resources from the local non profit pregnancy center (ooh and they were run by the also judgie Christians).

Are you confused Liberal America? I certainly am.

Because I have a real story. That you love to negate.

You also love to negate that many women have very similar stories to mine.

You also negate the thousands of women who have sought out healing and counseling for their past abortions (much of that counseling is offered by organizations like Project Rachel… Again, Catholic operated).

You also negate that you’re favorite partner, Planned Parenthood actually does not offer post abortion counseling (despite the huge need for it) they do not have parenting classes, or really many tangible resources for anyone that does not choose abortion.

So yes, I need an explanation.
You are a champion for the oppressed, weak, and vulnerable, but not the unborn, or their mothers… Why?

You push me away by saying that I hate women because I’m pro-life… Why?

Single motherhood is one of the biggest predictors of poverty… You care about poverty, right? Yet almost all the support and resources targeting young single mothers are those judgie Christians… Why is that?

Where are your organization’s providing resources, housing, parenting classes, etc? If you have them, I’m unaware… Enlighten me.

I’m sorry if I’m coming off harsh… It’s just frustrating to me because there are actually many parts of Liberal America that I can support and be on board with… But the hypocritical messages surrounding this issue may forever hold me back.

So you actually care about women and their well-being before, during, and after a pregnancy or abortion?

Further, do you really care about the value of life no matter ability, race, age, gender, or developmental stage?

Experience has shown me you do not.

Please show me that you truly are a champion and advocate for all life… And maybe I can reconsider some day.
But this election season I will not.

I would also like you to know that I certainly do not hate women.

I spent several years serving young pregnant women.

I love women.

I just also happen to love their children equally.

And I think all life is valuable regardless of perceived unwantedness or circumstance.

End rant.


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