Lessons of a Future Counselor Pt. 3

Phew…graduated with my Master’s in School Counseling, applying for licensure, and am currently on the job hunt.

Thus… I’m still a “future” School Counselor, but I’m anxiously awaiting the time when I can post “Lessons of a School Counselor” (without the future part).

The past semester I was fully immersed in the School Counseling through my full-time internship. I’ve never grown more, and that’s what I love about this job, it never ceases to teach me lessons.

These lessons are some of the most valuable, and that’s why they are worth documenting because I love to look back on them, and I foresee these lessons being a valuable tool on the tough days and the days when I’m feeling burnt out or too tired to care. So this is for my own well-being, but maybe you will find it valuable too. (Also see Lessons of a Future Counselor &  Lessons of a Future Counselor Pt. 2)

Lately I’ve learned…

There is no such thing as an uncomplicated life, but complications keep life interesting.

Dysfuntional behavior is  ALWAYS serving a purpose to someone whether or not we understand, only those that take the time to understand the purpose behind harmful behaviors have the right to comment about it

Parents are hands down the most important figures in a child’s life…so why don’t we encourage them more?

Disrespect is never the appropriate response to disrespect

No one has it “all figured out” so just relax

It’s hard to be a teacher, it’s hard to be a parent, and it’s hard to be a student in today’s schools…no one has it easy

Everyone just wants to matter to someone

I learned that just because things aren’t fair doesn’t mean you are entitled to give up

The world doesn’t owe anyone anything so we shouldn’t rely on it, but rather rely on healthy relationships that love, encourage, grow, apologize, and forgive

Gratitude goes farther than you think

Encouragement is the best investment you can make in someone

People can dig themselves into holes alone, but they can rarely get out alone

You can’t make someone change

Sometimes you have to be ok with letting kids be young and stupid, because experience is the greatest teacher

Sometimes, when a kid has never been cared for in a healthy way that meets their needs, they try to push you away… don’t fall for it…it’s a test. They’re just trying to find someone who will care about them at their worst. We all want that.

I make a difference, even when it doesn’t feel like it





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