40 Days, 40 Bags

I was really struggling with what to do for Lent this year… But thanks to some recent frustration with clutter in my house and the amazing timing of this post from Catholic Icing, I’m committing to the 40 Days, 40 Bags Challenge originally started by White House Black Shutters

This challenge is something that I think will really stretch me. As a recent graduate, mother of a 3 year old, and a basement dweller in my parents home, I’ve certainly accumulated a lot of “stuff”.

A lot of stuff is stored for when I eventually move out (or maybe that’s my excuse to not really go through it and get rid of unnecessary items) or there’s also stuff stored away for when I one day have more kids… But again there’s quite a bit of excess there as well.

Then there’s all my school stuff from 7 years of college: books, papers that “maybe ” I’ll refer back to…

Of course there’s my stereotypical girl closet with way too many clothes and shoes, my bathroom drawers, my craft room disaster with all the half started projects from years ago…

Yes, 25 years has given me plenty of time to stock up on useless earthly materials and fall into the ever so common realities of a selfish, materialistic, money spending world.

Point proven:



So… This challenge is good for me. It will force me to reflect on what matters, rid myself of the excess that has built up in my life, and start living the simplistic “little way” of St. Therese (my patron).

Join me?

I’m going to be keeping photographic accountability through my Instagram @instastoryofarose with #40days40bags if you want to follow the journey to holiness and and simplicity.

Pray for me!!


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