I Love You Hearts

So, my love language is definitely words of affirmation and gifts… Because of those two things I created the perfect little invention of a cute Valentine’s (Or wedding, anniversary, birthday, or just a special occasion) gift that caters to those two love languages perfectly!

The Heart Jar.


It contains 10 little stuffed fabric hearts that are supposed to symbolize love (obviously).


The idea is that you share this jar of hearts with a special someone and continuously hide the little hearts back and forth.

You can hide them in drawers, pockets, purses, socks, cup holders, etc.

When a heart is unexpectedly found, it will be sure to make you smile and feel loved by the special someone who so sneakily hid the heart.

Then… You can hide it right back!

It can turn into a lifelong fun game that affirms your love for one another.

Feel free to steal this idea… I just think it’s so fun, and for those of you who like the idea, but don’t have the time to make little hearts… I have some complete heart jars available in my Etsy shop! (Each jar is unique)




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