CDC is Pro-Life When it comes to Women and Alcohol

There’s been a lot of controversy of the most recent publishing from the CDC on women, alcohol, and birth control.

I read the original report and concluded that the CDC was in fact…pro-life.

Calm down everyone…I know many women are enraged that the CDC suggested that women should be on birth control if they plan to be drinking any alcohol and that this is a little over-controlling to say you NEED to be on birth control to have the occasional hard cider (my personal favorite).

However, the reasons they are suggesting that women be on birth control when drinking is because if the woman is sexually active, she could possibly get pregnant and they don’t want babies developing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

I’m actually pretty excited about the underlying tone that the CDC is taking with this (still offensive and over the top) warning.

The whole reason for this warning is avoid Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in newly conceived babies, because “most women don’t know they are pregnant until they are four to six weeks into the pregnancy and could unknowingly be exposing their developing baby to alcohol.”

Wait….whoa….hold on…

So there’s a developing baby in there?

It’s a developing baby before anyone finds out it’s in there?

So the entire 4-6 weeks it takes someone to finally find out they’re pregnant, the baby is developing???

Very interesting.

I know many of my fellow Catholic friends who practice natural family planning, disagree with the ideology of birth control, and still like to drink wine, beer, and other alcohols in moderation are highly offended by the implications of the CDC’s “suggestions”, but I’m choosing to look at this warning as a positive for the pro-life movement.

Protecting babies before you know you’re pregnant?


(However…birth control is not the answer to protecting babies, so don’t be fooled)

The most hostile time for a developing baby-the first 4-6 weeks and then the following weeks when many surgical abortions take place…yet the CDC just asserted that it is such a fragile time for a baby to develop that women shouldn’t even have a sip of alcohol!!!

This is actually great news…whether or not you agree with the warning, (which I don’t think you should be scared into birth control if you drink, for the record) the CDC literally said the baby is developing and those first 4-6 weeks are important for the health of the baby!!

Mind blown.


One thought on “CDC is Pro-Life When it comes to Women and Alcohol

  1. I love how you chose to see this in a positive light. Thanks for sharing your thoughts because I was struggling with it. 😘

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