2015 Favorites

I realize this is about a month late, but I still wanted to do it because it’s such a great way to reflect and look back on the year. I was inspired after looking at my posts on  2014 and 2013 and really hope to keep this going!

A few of my favorite things from 2015!

Top 3 Books I Read:

week 4 (1)
This book was the best…anyone who considers him/herself a “perfectionist” MUST read this book!
week 2 (7)
Both of these books were exceptional, and the “Hands Free Mama” was literally my guide to my 365 Days of Presence project

Top 3 Crafts:

september (13)
This amazing little toddler kitchen was definitely a craft for the books! 
Heaven Box (4)
The awesome Lenten peg doll exchange, along with this great Heaven Box I made as a house for the little Saints
I just really loved this one!

Top 3 Pictures of the Little Girl:

August (14)

Lent (31)


week 18 (13)

Top 3 Gifts:

Gift giving is my love language, so naturally I get a lot of joy out of handcrafting my gifts. These are my favorites!

Improving my corn hole set painting skills with this gift for my best friend’s wedding!
My first big “man” sized quilt!
Made this little superhero for AvaMarie’s little buddy on his birthday. 

Top 3 Places Traveled:

week 3 (7)
Breckenridge for my birthday with my some of my favorite Kansas friends!
June (1)
Going to Montana for Kamp Kato is always my favorite!
July (26)
Naranjos take Angelfire!

Top 3 Blog Posts (According to You):

Being Pregnant Out of Wedlock is NOT a Sin

Peg Doll Swap: How To

My Brother Wrote a Paper on Me

Top 3 Accomplishments:

Definitely graduating with my Master’s in School Counseling!!!
september (7)
Running a half-marathon
Lent (27)
3rd time defending intramural champs baby!

Now looking towards 2015!

Top 3 Books to Read:

Grace Based Parenting, by Tim Kimmel

Daring Greatly, by Brene Brown

Boundaries with Kids, by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

Top 3 Goals:

Get a Job/Career!!!

Build my Business

Take AvaMarie on more adventures (ideally a NEW trip/experience/craft with here each week)


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