Catholic Corner – Advent Edition

I’ve really been trying to build up my “domestic church” so that my daughter can grow up in an authentic Catholic home, a home that is not just “Sunday Catholic” home, but a home that truly lives out the faith in a daily manner.

I heard a talk once about the importance of having a spot in the house that is reserved for Catholic things…a special space where there is nothing else but religious images, rosaries, bibles, etc.

Having a space designated for these things can teach young children that our faith is important enough that we have a special spot for all the things that have to do with our faith. Just like there is a space for meals and cooking, a space for sleeping, etc., there is a space for Jesus. (Obviously he’s everywhere, but the designation of a spot gives a visual that He is important enough to have a spot in the house)

So…I created a “Catholic Corner” in the house.

It’s complete with religious art (by Flor Larios), Saint dolls, Peg Dolls in their Heaven Box, and a bookshelf with all my bibles, and faith formation books-including children’s books, and my quite Mass Book.

For Advent, I decided to spruce it up.

I did this a week after Advent started…but I figured I might as well go for it and it wasn’t too bad so I thought I would share for all of you who are building up your Domestic Church.  This was also a huge step up from last year!  Now that the little one is starting to understand more and more what Christmas is, I thought that I really need to be more interactive with her and use my Catholic Corner as the perfect space to do so.

Advent Corner (4)

I got some great advice from a friend and found some free printables (here and here) for an Advent calendar -these printables + scrap book paper + my laminating machine made for an awesome afternoon!

Advent Corner (5)

Then, I made a little Advent banner with some burlap and felt letters.

Advent Corner (2)

Finally, I made a simple “Advent wreath” out of mason jars, and purple and pink ribbon with little candles inside.

Advent Corner (1)

Oh, and I also got out all the peg dolls that have feast days in December.

Advent Corner

Would love to see how you all are decorating your Domestic Church for the season!


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