Is Birth Control Sexist?

Some questions I’ve been pondering regarding birth control, abortion, and the like…

Since we live in an unfortunate ideology where to be a true “woman” we should endorse “women’s rights”… Which in the current day in age is: birth control and abortion…

To not endorse these ideas is considered a betrayal on women and all that we have fought for. We should be liberated in all things right?

Some questions to consider…

To be equal to a man I need to take artificial hormones in the form of a pill every day?

Or… Implant strange things into myself?

Am I doing this because I medically need this to be ” equal ” or because I’m told that I have to be held to a higher standard of “responsibility” and “control” over my sexuality than men do?

Because otherwise I can’t have sex as much as I want exactly when I want without repercussions to my body like a man can… And that’s not fair.

Because my body is against me?

My body’s natural functions hold me back?

My body is inferior?

Men’s bodies are superior? In that they are unable to produce life and have more “sexual freedom”?

Why don’t men have to take pills or implant strange things into themselves as a means of human equality?

Note: because of birth control I have this new obligation to be “safe” and “responsible”…in the case that I become pregnant, is it now even more my fault that this happened?

Does this subliminally make it more my fault, so much so that a man feels less obligation to be involved in a pregnancy?

After all I should get an abortion in this circumstance, right? That would be me being responsible? And having ” control”?

Since I supposedly have all this responsibility and control, would that be why single motherhood is at an all time high?

Since there’s now birth control, it really is now my fault that pregnancy happened…

We never thought we should address men’s behaviors towards women?

We thought a man’s ability to be sexually promiscuous with no consequences was the standard?

So then we thought instead of addressing men’s behaviors, we should just give women some pills so they can be the same as men and solve the problem?

Because we don’t value the women’s uniquely designed bodies and would rather medicate it to not function properly so it can be to the standard of a man’s body?

The standard of not being able to produce life?

But then if that standard is crossed and a women’s body performs it’s natural function it’s now the fault of the woman because we’ve provided medical and surgical alternatives so this doesn’t happen?

Not once questioning if this seemed a little unfair?

Since it naturally takes all responsibility from a man away… ?

And we think this is helping women?

Yet now there are more children growing up in fatherless homes than ever before?

When porn and domestic violence and abuse towards women are somehow getting worse?

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m skeptical.

Women are not men. Men should not be the standard. Birth control is making women’s bodies infertile so they can be like men. Which would mean that women’s bodies aren’t good enough how they are.

How is the birth control ideology really affecting our culture? Do we look around right now and really think women are being respected for who they are? Or is birth control reducing them even more to sex objects that now are even more able to be used because pregnancy and natural consequences are supposedly eliminated…


I’m challenging what the birth control ideology is doing to our culture and how women are treated as a result…

Some philosophical and research based resources on this topic:
Sex Economics

The Bitter Pill

Women Speak For Themselves

Adam and Eve After the Pill: Paradoxes of the Sexual Revolution
^despite the name, this book is entirely research based


2 thoughts on “Is Birth Control Sexist?

  1. > To be equal to a man I need to take artificial hormones in the form of a pill every day?

    To be equal to men (in law) you would have to give up your right to abortion or adoption, so that if you got pregnant by a man due to any of the following reasons you would be (like men are) obliged by law to assume full parental responsibility and support the child financially for 18 years (or go to jail).

    1) reckless unprotected sex
    2) contraceptive failure
    3) contraceptive deceit and dishonesty (by your sexual partner)
    4) rape

    And yes, a male rape victim was forced to pay child support for the resulting child…. when the victim (who was underage when he was raped) came of age.

    And yes, men have been force to pay child support for children conceived against their will by the women self impregnating from his spent condom, or from oral sex.

    That is is what equality with men would look like.

    Alternatively, we can just give men the same legal rights that women already enjoy. But of course doing that would mean women would not longer have quite so much power over men, or the ability to wreck men’s lives (and indeed children’s lives).

    Do you think men should ever be given the same reproductive rights as women?

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