To the Man I Marry…I hope you like pink

There’s a man out there who I will probably marry one day. (poor guy)

But, fortunately for him…he get’s more than just me out of the deal. The man I marry will get the cutest little girl to ever live as his daughter. (lucky guy)

Because of this package deal…there’s a few things he should know.

First of all, I’m a sucker for Daddy-Daughter songs.

I actually have a special playlist where all my favorites are saved.

I heard this new one the other day that just melted my heart…might be my new favorite.

“The Color Pink” by Walker McGuire

There’s just something special about the relationship a dad and a daughter have…

It’s hard to explain…but the power and beauty of a big, strong man guiding, encouraging, and loving an itty bitty girl is special.

It’s the ultimate paradox.

And that’s why it speaks to our hearts.

However, if I’m completely honest, as much as I love these Father-Daughter songs, they break my heart just as much. My little girl deserves this more than anything.

As I watch her grow, I can’t help but wonder when she gets to experience the love of a real father. Her uncle and papa have been doing an extraordinary job at being father figures to her and she and I are so lucky to have them playing this role (See Cinderlla’s Dad)…..but there’s still something I long for…for her.

Maybe it’s just the word “daddy” that I long for her to be able to say.


Yeah, that’s what it is.

I think he’s out there.

I really hope and pray he is.

And whoever he is, he has his work cut out for him…

He has to like telling her she’s beautiful when she dresses up in her sparkly princess dresses.

He has to love listening to her sing all her silly songs and has to let her dance with him.

He has to push her on the swing for up to an hour at a time.

He has to let her have tea parties with him and let her do his hair and nails.

He has to like pink and sparkly stickers.

He has to like love tickle time right before bed and early morning snuggles.

He has to treat her with peach smoothies every Tuesday and watch her favorite movie of the week at least 30 times before she picks a new favorite.

He can’t get annoyed every time she asks “whatcha doin?” even if he just answered her 5 times.

He has to snuggle her when she’s scared of monsters at night, and teach her that she doesn’t have to be afraid.

He needs to ward of the dozens of little boyfriends she already has and be ready for when they become real boyfriends.

He needs to stand firm when she’s being dramatic.

He needs to know when he shouldn’t go easy on her and when he can sneak her a treat.

He needs to color lots of pictures with her.

He needs to hold her when she cries, but also teach her how to be strong.

He needs to tell her she’s pretty and beautiful every single day.

Most of all…he needs to be her daddy.

And he absolutely must love the color pink…



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