Catholic Fabric Doll Review

doll review (2)

So, now that I have just about perfect my “signature” doll style, I thought it would be a good time to do a review of all the Catholic Dolls out there (that I have found, at least).

Disclaimer….this is NOT to say my dolls are the “best”, but rather to let you all know what’s out there, because let’s be real…making dolls is not my career, I just do it for fun, and so I want those who are interested in Catholic things to see what’s out there so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

All the dolls I have found are extremely unique and special in their own way! (And…I have bought a Catholic doll from every maker I have found so far and love them!!)

So far…I have found 2 consistent makers besides myself! These other 2 makers have been doing this much longer than I have and have a much bigger variety than I do, which is great for me to look at for inspiration!

The first Catholic Saint doll I ever purchased was from Grandma Penny!

doll review (3)

She makes “Huggie Saints” and they are just that…huggable!

Her’s are made mostly of fleece and have a round bubble body.  They are a perfect pillow pal and unbelievably soft, as well as durable!

Her dolls go from $29-$35

Check out her shop here!

The second Catholic Saint doll I purchased was from “Handmade by Megan K”

doll review (1)

Her darling dolls are made exclusively from felt! This allows for more fine details in the doll accessories. Her dolls are a more traditional style with the arms and legs and she attaches a cute little info card with her dolls. The clothing on the dolls is also removable.

Her dolls go for about $32

Check out her shop here!

Now…I bought these two dolls before I ever started making my own. Mostly to check out their style and eventually create my own!

doll review (4)

I loved them both so much that I decided to try to mesh their styles.

I loved the traditional doll look with the arms and legs, but I also loved the coziness of the fleece. So, my fabric doll is made of 100% cotton for the body (this is even more traditional than the felt that Megan K. uses and I like it personally because it doesn’t develop the pills that felt will develop over time). Then, all the clothing on the doll is made from fleece to give the snuggly factor.  My dolls are also much larger (19″) simply because cotton is a little harder to work with than felt for the body.

I don’t have near as much of a variety as the other makers, but I’m working on it!!

My dolls go for $35-$42

My shop is here!

So…we are all somewhat similarly priced, all are super adorable, and all uniquely Catholic and wonderful!

I hope you choose to purchase from one of us as you create a Catholic home for little ones! (They are also great baptism, baby shower, feast day, Christmas, and Easter gifts!)


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