New Doll Style!

Special announcement from my Etsy Shop [The Little Rose Shop]

I have changed my doll style to a completely traditional fabric doll. Before I was using felt material for the bodies, but I have switched over to a classic 100% cotton doll. Hope you love them as much as I do! Because of the switch, I also had to modify my pattern…and I think they turned out better with the change anyways.

I will still be making Sacred Heart of Jesus Dolls & Immaculate Heart of Mary Dolls as my primary items (even though the pictures are of a few different dolls…just wanted to give you all an idea of the change)




I am also starting to make unique dolls just for fun so I don’t get burnt out on the Catholic dolls…keeps my creative juices flowing. These will just be available as I make them. Hope you like them!



2 thoughts on “New Doll Style!

  1. Ahh the updated dolls are super cute although the felt way was adorable as well. Plus I love the regular dolls as well! So fun!☺

  2. My sister bought one of your dolls (the polka dot pink one) for my daughter’s birthday and she absolutely loves it! So adorable ❤️ Love your blog too. Thanks😊

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