Catholic Peg Doll Swap: How To

Saint Peg Doll Swaps are the latest “thing” in the Catholic Mom world.

I have heard about them and seen them…but never done one. So, this Lent I decided to give it a go and host my own office “Saint Peg Doll Swap”.

In sum…it was AWESOME!

It also made for a great Lenten activity, we coined it “pray and paint”.

Here are the details for anyone interested:

First, make sure you have the proper resources! These amazing sites had tons of ideas, examples, and even some free downloads to make painting the Saint dolls that much easier.

Catholic Icing

Equipping Catholic Families

We bought the wooden dolls in bulk for a great price from Casey Woods (We go the 3 inch ones)

Finally, our group wanted to have little prayer cards to go along with the Saints we painted. Just so happens that this amazing site ( has TONS of Saint prayer cards, posters, coloring sheets, and more via E-Books. So, I had to buy a few so that we could have all the prayer cards! (Next time, I might just purchase one E-Book and make the participants select Saints that are available in the E-Book…but that is just if you really want the prayer cards-which I would because they are sooo adorable!)

Finally, we had a little potluck brunch for the swap! It was so fun to see all of them, and now our kiddos have an awesome Catholic toy to help them become friends with the Saints!

Now for the pictures!

Peg Doll Swap (2)

Peg Doll Swap (50)

Peg Doll Swap (52)

Peg Doll Swap (58)


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