Lessons of a Future Counselor Pt. 2

In an attempt to remember my most valuable lessons from this season of life while I’m in grad school…here’s another reflection of what I’ve been learning as this semester winds down and I am one step closer to becoming a school counselor. (Read my first post on this here: Lessons of a Future Counselor)

When you enter a professions that’s sole purpose is to care for and invest in people (all people…regardless of any discriminating factor), you tend to realize a lot of things about people…about brokenness…about life…

I learned that stereotypes can often be true, but they are always incomplete

I learned that pity is never helpful

I learned that people are afraid of what they don’t understand

I learned that discrimination, judgments, abuse, neglect, and all things ugly or broken serve a purpose, and often that purpose is survival

I learned that people want to be cared about and they want to matter to someone

I learned that when your job is to care… you are only as effective as the degree to which you care for yourself

I learned that “hard work and dedication” doesn’t always give you success and that we can’t expect people to pull themselves up by their boot straps when they don’t have boot straps

I learned that we often make the mistake of demanding the most from the people who have the least energy to give

I learned that it’s easier to blame people than to understand them

I learned that every time I see abusive or evil or unthinkable behavior and say to myself “I would never do such a thing” that I am speaking from a place a privilege…because in reality, if I was under the same circumstances, I am just as capable of any of those actions

I learned the value of saying exactly how you are feeling at the moment you are feeling it

I learned that being present in the moment is the best place to be

I learned the privilege is real, and most people will never realize it either

I learned that being “color-blind” is completely disregarding and disrespecting an entire part of a person

I learned that everyone has a story and it deserves to be told AND heard

I learned that I should never lose my counseling friends…because we can understand what this profession demands of us like no one else can

I learned that awareness can make all the difference

I learned that with awareness comes an extreme amount of responsibility

I learned again and again that growth is hard, but so worth it

I learned that one of the biggest mistakes we can make is not learning from the people we disagree with

I learned that life is never fair, but it’s always valuable



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