To My Little Alarm Clock

I never want to forget this, so I figured I should probably write about it…so here it goes.

To my little alarm clock,

I always hated alarm clocks. I always picked the most obnoxious ringtone because the soft and calm ones never actually woke me up. Every time the beep would go off I would just think about how much I didn’t want to get out of my cozy bed and how very few things could even make me want to think about moving from my blankets. Mornings have always been a struggle for me. I used to hide my alarm clock under my bed to force me to actually get up to shut it off. I even tried to “give up” the snooze button for Lent once…and that really backfired because instead of hitting the snooze 5 times I just shut the alarm off and went straight back to bed.

Then I got you as a new alarm clock roughly two years ago. You really keep me on my toes. For a good year and a half you would just cry and wimper to get me up.  You still do that on occasion. But lately…you started to do a few new things.

Lately you’ve been coming to my bedside and asking to snuggle with me.

Then you give me several hugs and kisses and lay with me for the 10 minutes that I require to be coherent.

Then when I finally roll over to look at you…and you just has a big grin and say “gooo morning!” and get about 1 inch away from my face to touch my nose.

I of course can’t help but smile.

Then, after I’ve given you the go ahead with my smile, you proceed to crawl out of bed, forcefully pull my arm and say “Come on, come on, come on. Is time to eat. Les go, les go.”

And by this time, I’m ready for the day.

Lately, I’ve never been happier when I wake up.

And it’s all because of my little alarm clock.

Almost my whole life I’ve hated getting up in the morning….until you started doing this.

So thanks little one, for starting my day in the best way possible. You make it easy. You smiles, snuggles, and simple way of life make waking up so wonderful every day.

From the very moment I open my eyes I already know I’m loved, wanted, and special because of you. I hope you know the same things are true for you too the moment I pull you up into my bed to snuggle.

Thanks for being such a good alarm clock.

I never want to forget it.

This is the life.

week 46


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