Crafternoon: Pocahontas Birthday Party

Here’s the pictures from little girl’s Pocahontas Party! It was so fun to decorate for, and everything was really easy!

First are the invites:

Pocahontas (10)

A few festive decorations! Feather garlands and Tee-pee centerpieces.

Pocahontas (12)

Pocahontas (11)

Pocahontas (2)

Then the party!

Pocahontas (13)

And at any party of mine…there are going to be crafts! We did Indian headbands for everyone who wanted one, and dream catchers for the kiddos.

Pocahontas (14)


Pocahontas (5)

Pocahontas (8)


Food was amazing! We got the cake and cupcakes from Just Piped. They turned out great.



IMG_20141019_164147_105 IMG_20141019_164151_983 IMG_20141019_164154_634

Then we also borrowed a big Tee pee from a friend for the kiddos to play in and they loved it!

IMG_20141019_175150_296 IMG_20141019_175209_243 IMG_20141019_175639_753

Finally my homemade gift for the birthday girl was of course a Pocahontas doll!

Pocahontas (4)

Pocahontas (16)


Needless to say, it was a success.

Pocahontas (7)


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