2 Years

I decided to keep on the yearly posts that I started when AvaMarie turned 1.

You can read that one here: 1 Year.

This second year of motherhood has brought on a whole new set of challenges and accomplishments. The first year was all about surviving…haha days were literally consisted of feeding baby, changing baby, putting baby to sleep, attempting to shower and sleep and survive.

Now that survival mode has passed, this year became such an adventure! (I still loved the first year, don’t get me wrong)

Highlights and things I don’t want to forget from this 2nd year include:

  • New words
  • Potty training
  • Climbing and swinging
  • Strollering
  • Grown-up meals
  • Going to social events and being able to actually be social…because little girl can actually play on her own now
  • Swimming
  • Singing and dancing
  • Running in the rain
  • Me sneezing, and her saying “Goh bwess you”
  • Co kee nah nus (Pocahontas)
  • Learning how to clean up
  • Reading “gooks” every night
  • Mommy-Daughter date days
  • Bath time
  • Advancing to the toddler bed
  • Getting woken up with “goo morning” whispers
  • Eating way too much peanutbutter on a daily basis
  • Going to urgent care to get a little foam ball removed from little girl’s nose
  • Snuggles


Some of my favorite pictures from this past year (This is the hardest thing in the world for me…to pick only a few pictures, so you’re lucky with the amount that is here…it could have been a lot worse):


IMG_4838IMG_3228IMG_20140109_102239_513IMG_20140105_093759_899IMG_0443 - CopyIMG_0444IMG_20140318_124957_703IMG_20140323_103902_750IMG_0093IMG_00272014-05-16_1400270179IMG_20140112_1022092014-05-21_1400634997IMG_20140607_104407week 26 (3)IMG_0051week 32,33,34 (10)week 32,33,34 (13)week 35, 36 (3)week 38 (10)IMG_20140929_115310_373week 40 (7)IMG_1550week 41 (2)week 42 (1)


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