Learning to Have the Time of My Life Every Day

Every once in a while, I fall into this rut.

Articles like this are to blame. [10 Things to do Before you Have Kids] ~because apparently you can’t have brunch, spend money, or go to festivals when you have kids..among some other ridiculous things

Mostly, the general ideology of the world is to blame…because the world and modern culture seem to have an extreme dislike for children…especially young children. Ok, maybe it’s not the actual children they dislike…but it’s the “everything that comes with children” that people have a disdain for.

You know…the crying, the wiping, the watching, the cleaning, the feeding, the lack of sleeping…

There is this subtle idea that if you have children, your life is over. You can no longer have fun or do all things you wanted to do or go after your dreams. You will have to sacrifice everything for your child.

Yes, there are a lot of sacrifices, and you do have to die to yourself, but I refuse to believe that a child will end your own life and dreams and goals and that everything I ever wanted is now out of reach.

But…this is what culture teaches us.
Especially to the young mothers.
People can’t seem to grasp young motherhood. People feel sorry for me, as if I missed out on so much of life by having a child at 21.

I desperately want all these critics to know that my life has never been over. My dreams have never died. My goals exist now more than ever. And I absolutely hate your pity.

Maybe you’re having the time of your life traveling, partying, being free, doing whatever you want whenever you want, or whatever it is.
I’m having the time of my life too. It might look different than your life, but that doesn’t make it any less of a life.

I have instead learned to change my perspective. Because if I adopted the cultures perspective on young motherhood, I would honestly become depressed and bitter.

I would only be able to focus on the things I did not get to do or have.

But…instead I choose to have the time of my life regardless of my circumstances.

Regardless of what I can or can’t do.

Regardless of what I have or do not have.

It is possible you know.
To make the most of life.
To enjoy what you do have instead of worrying about what everyone else has or does not have…what everyone else is doing or not doing.

My life consists of waking up early every day
And I love it because I can enjoy the crisp morning make breakfast, and have a cup of coffee and read.

My life consists of constantly thinking about a little almost 2 year old.
And that’s the best part.
We play. We laugh. We stroller. We run. We cry. We read the same book over and over again. We discover new things. We find adventure.

My life consists of constantly challenging my ideas on what it means to love and serve others…thanks to me counseling graduate program.

And guess what? I love that too.

And really, that’s what my life is right now.

Add some work, cooking, cleaning, and crafting…and all of that daily grind work, but really, I’m having the time of my life because I’m choosing to.

I’m not missing out on anything.

Trust me.

Because I love what I have, and that’s where I’m choosing to find my joy.

And friends…I have a lot.

Just look…







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