Crafternoon: Whaley Cute Baby Shower

Have you noticed how “in” the whales are with the baby stuff? They are so cute…no wait, they are WHALEY cute!

I helped with some decorations for a friend’s baby shower and it was WHALE THEMED!

So. Great.

Anyways, I wanted to share these super easy decorations that anyone can do and use for many different parties.

At the bottom of the post, I will also share the gifts I made for this lovely mama.

But first, the decorations!


-Whale Paper Garland



-Tissue Puff Balls

-“Mommy” Pin

The “Whale” garland is probably the cutest and easiest touch for a party…and you can exchange the whale for anything (hearts, owls, polka dots, etc.)

All you need is:

Scrapbook paper


Sewing machine

The first step involves cutting out your whales.  I traced and cut out one whale that I used as my guide.  I also stacked 3-4 pieces of paper at once to speed up the cutting.

The next step is arrange your whales in the order that you want them to hang…I alternated colors and the direction the whale was facing.

Whale Baby Shower (18)

Finally, you just sew them together in a line! I sewed through one whale, lifted the needle and pulled the thread about 5 inches and then just sewed onto the next whale (obviously DO NOT cute the thread in between whales…that is what creates the garland).

Whale Baby Shower (16)

Whale Baby Shower (17)


Whale Baby Shower (12)

Whale Baby Shower (5)

The other items I do not have a tutorial for you because there are plenty of good ones on pinterest, but I will share the pictures!

Pinwheels are a cute way fill up a wall, and same with a cute “Whalecome” banner. A great tutorial for pinwheels is here! Banners are so easy, you don’t need a tutorial, you just need some squares of cute scrapbook paper and then print out your letters using a cute font…and make sure the letters are HUGE. Then you just attach the letters to the scrapbook paper squares and string them together!

Whale Baby Shower (11)

I forgot to take a picture of the tissue puffs, but here’s a great tutorial if you like!

Finally you have to make a “mommy” pin for the lovely mama. For this I basically cut out a circle of card stock, cut several pieces of fabric into a flower shape and folded them all around the border. It’s actually very similar to making a flower headband that you can find here. Then I clued some ribbon on the back so it dangled down, covered the back with a circle of felt so you couldn’t see any of the gluing.  Then I secured a pin on the back with a strip of felt glued on both sides, just like how I attach a hair clip to a flower like you can see here. All that’s left is to glue “mommy” on cute paper to the front!

Whale Baby Shower (13)


Now for the Gifts…

I unfortunately only took pictures of half of the gifts I made….I was a little rushed and spaced it so I apologize!

But I made a little whale pillow and 2 homemade baby girl headbands (did I mention she’s having a girl?)

Whale Baby Shower (1)

Whale Baby Shower (2)

Whale Baby Shower (3)

Whale Baby Shower (4)

<<<Side note: The pink rosette headband is on sale on Etsy here>>>

I also made a pacifier clip which looks the exact same as the pink one here.

Plus a little Whale modge podge picture on a wooden board that she can hang in her nursery. (Sorry no pics for this…)

Phew…and that’s it! I hope you whaley love it!

Oh, and for another Whale themed tutorial…check out the felt whale baby mobile I made here!

whale mobile (7)



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