Crafternoon: Whale Mobile!

A dear friend of mine is due with a sweet baby girl at the end of the summer.

We obviously HAD to have a crafternoon date so I could pass along all my baby girl crafting knowledge.

This mama is especially into whales (and for good reason because they are so darn cute on baby things).

So…she wanted to craft a little felt whale mobile for her sweet girl’s room.

We basically made it up as we went, although we were inspired by a few from Etsy, like this one.

I’m attempting a little tutorial here…and it was a little hard since we literally made it up as we went…but hopefully you can get something from this. If anything, just know felt is your best friend when it comes to baby crafting!

So the materials needed include:

  • Felt
  • Ribbon
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors

We started off with cutting out whales of different colors.  A few of them had little water spouts, and they all had two small fins.

whale mobile (2)

Then we sewed two of the felt whales together, left a little gap to stuff them with batting, and then sewed it closed.

whale mobile (4)

Oh and don’t forget to attache the ribbon and spout in between the whales when you sew them together! (I forgot on the first two and had to take them apart)

whale mobile (5)

Alright, now you can trim up the edges around the whale. Next step is to attache the little fins.  We chose alternating colors for the fins so they always stand out. I think they turned our really cute this way.

whale mobile (6)

All you need to do to attache the fins is a little dot of hot glue!

whale mobile (3)

Yay! Now you have a complete felt whale ready to be hung!

whale mobile (7)

After you have enough whales, you simply wrap the top of the ribbon around the embroidery hoop and hot glue it into place.  It sort of looked a little messy on the hoop, so we decided to cut out some felt “waves” to cover all the random ribbon pieces.  Before you do that, make sure to also tie on ribbon (or string) that will eventually attache to the ceiling so you can hang this gem!

whale mobile (1)

Yay! Really easy and super cute!


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