Crafternoon: Heart Jar & Chalkboards

Last weekend I had the wonderful pleasure of attending an absolutely beautiful wedding in small town Nebraska.

The weather was wonderful, the music was great, and the bride was beautiful!

Of course I had to craft up a gift…and this bride happens to be the crafty type, so I knew the gifts would be appreciated.

I previously made some headbands for the little flower girl in her wedding and saved some of the leftover material.



With the material I decided to make a “Heart Jar”.

This is an invention of mine that I actually gave to Jon (my now fiance!) for Christmas. I’ll explain what it is below, but he hid a heart in the ring box when he proposed…SO CUTE


Basically, a “Heart Jar” is a jar of handcrafted hearts which is part of a game.  Each heart represents a little “love” reminder (obviously).  So… to play the game you hide these hearts in various places (socks, pockets, shoes, pillows, lunchboxes, etc) for your special someone to find.  When they find them they will obviously smile and be reminded of your love…then they will return the favor and hide them back. This should be an ongoing cycle for the rest of your life. It’s one of those games where everyone is a winner…haha, although you can have some fun with it to see who had the best hiding spot!

It’s a super fun way to remind one another of how much you love each other.








Lately, I have really been getting into the chalkboard stuff…

So to add to the sentimental “lovey-dovey” gift I already had going…I decided to make one of those “I love you because…” chalk boards.  This can be filled out at various times with fun or serious things.

I’m thinking…

“I love you because….you make the best pancakes”

“I love you because…you always make me laugh”

You get the picture…IMG_0167





If you are interested in crafting any of these…it’s very simple!

“Heart Jar”


  • Cotton fabric
  • Felt
  • Batting
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine

Simply sew some hearts and stuff them with batting! (Some of the felt hearts I ended up not stuffing because they were thick enough without it)

“I love you because…” Board


  • Chalkboard Easel-can be found at Michael’s (get the easel double-sided if you want to use names. You can use a single sided chalkboard and just use “I love you because…” without any names and that works just as well too!)
  • White paint marker

It’s as easy as that!

Find more craftiness at Making Things Beautiful


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