Crafternoon: Graduation Gifts

Last weekend was filled with graduation celebrations for two very important people in my life.

One…my beautiful, amazing cousin and “God-daughter”.


Another…my first college roommate turned best-friend and soul sister. (She also has a blog you should check out)


Both of these women are so amazing and have incredible futures ahead of them!

Of course I had to craft some gifts for them.

Canvases and journals are always a go-to for graduation gifts.

I made a cute little canvas for my cousin to use as dorm decor.  It was completed with some other rose themed (her middle name is Rose too!) finds on etsy for an inexpensive gift.



The second gift was a modge podged journal with a quote that was very fitting as this pretty lady is going to the Netherlands for a year!




Both of these crafts were done with simply scrapbook paper, modge podge, a little paint, and some tan card stock I used to print the words on. (Plus a canvas for one gift and a journal for the other)



3 thoughts on “Crafternoon: Graduation Gifts

  1. I love these. So simple, yet so personal and thoughtful. And the Netherlands are wonderful! I should know, I’ve been travelling there up and down every other weekend for the last few months. 🙂

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