The “Positive” Abortion Story

Some of you may have seen this “positive” abortion story video on youtube.

If not, Life Site News has a post on it here.

Anyways, this young women films her abortion experience and talks about how happy she was upon obtaining the abortion.  Her goal was to share her story of positive feelings and emotions regarding the abortion… if to discredit the “negative” abortion stories that we hear from the Silent No More awareness campaign or the Abortion Changes You campaign.  Many pro-lifers are outraged at this and are attacking her.  On the other side, many pro-choicers are calling this proof that abortion isn’t bad.

The trouble is…everyone’s feelings and emotions are valid.  A woman can absolutely feel devastated after an abortion, and she can also feel relieved and happy.  These are feelings.

Yes, feelings do matter, but they are not the basis of making abortion good or bad.  Just because this video “proves” that you can feel happy after an abortion does not justify the act of abortion.

The very premise of this argument hinges on good feelings.

So what if people feel good after stealing or shoplifting?

So what if a husband feels good about cheating on his wife?

So what if people feel excited and exhilarated with taking dangerous, illegal drugs.

We can feel any which way about a lot of things…but as you can see, I don’t think feelings dictate what is right and what is wrong.

If we start to fall into this moral relativism, then we lose justification for literally any type of behavior:




So…just because this woman views her abortion experience as “positive” does not mean this is some type of victory for the pro-choice movement.  Ok, her feelings are valid.  So are the feelings of the thousands of women  who have been hurt by abortion.  I find it interesting that when one woman shares her positive story…we hear “see…we told you! Abortion does not hurt women!”  Yet the other stories of hurt, pain, and despair are suddenly invalid?

If we’re going to base this decision on feelings, then everyone’s feelings are fair game and we can’t even begin to argue what is right or wrong.

This is a distraction from looking at an action and deciding if it is inherently right or wrong and if we fall prey to it, then this ENTIRE debate is pointless, both sides are wasting their time.  Yet…we all know we aren’t wasting our time debating this…because it matters.  There is a right and wrong or it wouldn’t be one of the biggest points of controversy in our time.

However, arguing over “feelings” just isn’t going to hold up.

I would argue that when we look at abortion in eye, we can see that it is inherently wrong.  Scientifically and logically, period.

I don’t want to sound cold, because my whole story with my pregnancy was an emotional roller coaster, so I get it.  I know first hand how our feelings play a role in decision making.  Emotions play a role and I 100% think it is important to attend to them and acknowledge them…..but I just don’t think emotions should be the end all be all of determining right from wrong.

So…with that said, please don’t attack this woman for her feelings.  Her feelings are real and they are valid.  Feelings do not hold any moral value until acted on.  Yes, she did experience an abortion, but her feelings of “happiness” afterward hold no moral ground. Keep that in mind.

Plus, in all seriousness…our feelings change every 5 seconds.  Take my daughter for example.

One moment she’s feeling happy….



the next moment….




4 thoughts on “The “Positive” Abortion Story

  1. Great blog. I think it’s important to add relief can often be the first feeling after an abortion, and the feelings of sadness and guilt can take months or sometimes even years to surface. The woman in the mentioned clip may be happy with her decision immediately after her abortion, but there’s no telling what she will be feeling and thinking down the track.

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