3 Bad Mom Moments…All in one Week!

This week was a very trying week for my “mommy confidence”.

Let’s just say I had several of those “bad mom” moments.  Hopefully I’ve racked up enough to be free for a good period of time before the next “bad mom” moment sneaks up on me.

Bad Mom Moment #1

So, the first moment started on Sunday…at mass no less.  I was in a rush to get to mass on time since it was Palm Sunday and I knew it would be pretty packed.  But…as usual I was running late.  I normally bring minimal things to mass.  Just AvaMarie’s Mass Bag and Quiet Book, plus 1 diaper and some wipes and her pacifier for emergency use.  I definitely steer away from bringing my entire diaper bag. Today I just grabbed the Mass Bag without checking for the 1 diaper (I usually never need to use it because going to mass isn’t a very long trip and I change AvaMarie right before we go anyways).  So, as you can imagine, there was no diaper in the bag.

We get to mass (a tad late) and get seated.  Then I smell it.  AvaMarie was definitely poopy.  As I reach for the Mass Bag my heart sinks when I realize there’s no diaper.  Awesome.  It’s the opening song for mass and she’s poopy.  Of course I can’t just leave her like this for another hour and half before we get home…so I start skimming the church for someone I know who has little ones that maybe I can borrow a diaper from.  No one.  Great.

I decided to take her down to the bathroom and pray that her poop is solid enough to scrape into the toilet (sometimes the poop just plops right out and I was hoping this was the case).


I’ll spare the details and just tell you it took me about 5 tries to scrape everything off the diaper.  Then…(bad mom moment)…I had to put the dirty diaper back on her.

I know….I’m ashamed

In my defense, I did scrape it as clean as possible and line it with fresh toilet paper…but still…I know.  It’s gross.

I debated just having her go commando..but I didn’t trust that either and if anything happened then I had no more back up plans…so this was how it had to be.

Good thing…because when we finally got home, I went to change her IMMEDIATELY and the toilet paper I had used to line the diaper was all soggy because she had peed.

Lesson learned..ALWAYS check the Mass Bag.


Bad Mom Moment #2

I think this pictures explains it all…(just so you know, this happened approximately 2 hours after the poop situation from above)



AvaMarie took a hard hit to the head…the hardest hit to date.  I actually didn’t see exactly what happened because I was in the dining room (bad mom moment), but from the sound, I’m pretty sure I know.  AvaMarie can reach door knobs and open doors nowadays.  She likes to follow people into the bathroom.  I just let her, but the men in the house don’t like her following and will lock the door so she can’t get in and surprise them.

AvaMarie was trying to get into the locked bathroom and got mad (like she normally does when she can’t open a door) and started pounding on the door.

Then all of the sudden “BOOOM”

She was only wearing socks that afternoon.  I’m guessing she pounded so hard that she slipped and bonked her head on the corner of the door edging.

Immediately she was wailing and I rushed over…because it was one of those cries that you could tell something was wrong.  She ran to me and was almost choking she was crying so hard.  This wasn’t the first time she’s taken some hits so I wasn’t really that worried until after about 10 seconds a giant golf ball bump popped out of her head.

Then…I freaked out.

No clue what to do….

I just got a cold wash cloth and tried to wrap it around her head, but she was too frantic to let me do that.  So, I ran to my mom, really freaked out.  When she saw the bump her eyes got huge and she ran to get some ice.  I felt so terrible that I let her play with my phone to calm down

(she’s normally not allowed to play with phones).  Thankfully, it worked….but I’m thinking the worst:


cracked skull

I was holding back tears


Finally after forcing some ice on the bump it started to go down.  We checked basic concussion symptoms and she seemed fine.  I guess when you get a hit on the head like that, there’s no room for it to go but out.

After AvaMarie seemed fine and calm…that’s when I started crying.  (I know, I’m pathetic)

I felt so bad and probably cried longer than AvaMarie after this all happened.

Thank goodness we didn’t have to go anywhere that day…so no one could see what I had let happen to my poor little girl.


Bad Mom Moment #3

2 days after those 2 incidents, I’m at school and I get a call from my mom.

“No need to be alarmed, but AvaMarie just threw up”

AvaMarie has never thrown up before…


Apparently my mom was out running errands, then heard something weird, looked back and saw AvaMarie just throwing up everything she ate that day.  She went on to throw up 2 more times.

I came home as soon as I could.

My mom was crying when I got home because AvaMarie kept dry-heaving.  Her dry-heaving was really really scary because shew as retching a lot and wouldn’t let anything out and kept swallowing whatever came up then would scream.  I think the dry-heaving was scaring AvaMarie so much that she would try to hold it in.  I had to pry her mouth open and try to use the suction bulb to suck all the saliva out.

This went on literally every 15 minutes.  I started to get really worried because any liquids we gave her immediately came back up.  She was getting really weak and would fall asleep just to wake up with the pretty violent dry-heaves.

After furiously texting my nurse friends and mom friends… I called the Doctor.  He was out.  Luckily I had his personal # (he’s our neighbor).  So I called him up and he probably thought I was way too frantic.  He got us a prescription for this anti-nausea medicine.  Before we could go pick it up, AvaMarie’s dry-heaving seemed to be getting worse and she was now spitting up stomach bile.  So, I called the Doctor again….bless his heart because he was so nice even though I’m sure he was thinking to himself “calm down woman!”  He just said, get the medicine and then give him a call if anything comes up.

Finally we got the medicine and after she took like 2 drops of it….she never dry-heaved again.  Praise God!

Of course after she seemed ok…I finally started to cry.  Apparently I cry every time something like this happens. I never liked to think I was this emotional…but I guess I am.

Today we’re recovering (well…she is, she took over my bed)…and hoping this is the last of the bad mom moments for the week!



7 thoughts on “3 Bad Mom Moments…All in one Week!

  1. Wow, what a week Raquel! Thanks for sharing these experiences, made me aware that bad things happen once in a while, but in the end, everything will be ok! Looking forward to our little one, love the pictures of AvaMarie (even the crying ones)! Miss you and love your blog!

  2. Oh, mama, none of those things make you a bad mama, absolutely none! I think every mom has gone through those scenarios, or very similar. (One time, we forgot the diaper bag entirely for Colette’s doctor’s appointment, so we didn’t have a dry one to put on her after the doctor checked her… so then the doctor knew we were forgetful, as well… we couldn’t *quite* hide it! Luckily they had extra diapers there.)

    Stomach bugs are the worst, and so scary the first time! Daniel’s dad drove an hour down to check on Anni the first time she had a bad one (including the terrible dry heaving, where we thought she was going to stop breathing).

    You are a good mom, and your baby is lucky to have you!

  3. Sweetie, you are a WONDERFUL mom and AvaMarie is lucky to have you! I have no doubt that every mom has stories just like these, they learn from them and go on 🙂 Who knows, maybe someday soon I’ll be able to tell you all of my ‘bad mom’ moments! Hugs and prayers for all of you!

  4. You are a wonderful mom, Raquel! AvaMarie is blessed to have you as her mommy, and it shows by how much you cared for her in these situations. Things happen, and you are stronger person for it! God bless you all 🙂

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