Sonnet: A Rose

I was looking for something on the old family computer and came across this blast from the past.

A Sonnet I wrote for one of my English classes.

Turns out I’ve had a thing for roses since I was in high school.


A Rose

How sweet the scent that floats amidst the air

And drifts upon the fallen man today.

It offers hope and wipes away despair.

Spring blossoms burst and face the clouds to pray;

Aromas pleasant calm the hurting soul.

Such lovely beauty reaches to the heart,

And mismatched petals make the bud a whole-

A glimpse to testify a Lord of art.

How stunning – drops from heaven’s paint reflect

The glory made from seed inside the land.

A true design created imperfect.

All like the flower we must understand.

Rejoice! For even broken, bruised, and torn,

The greatest bloom that He creates has thorns.


~Raquel Kato



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