I’m Pro-Life, so I must not care about people in poverty…

As an activist for pro-life issues and for many “women’s” issues, I must say there are a lot of things that sort of irk me when a debate/discussion arise.  Especially because I tend to take a pro-woman stance which is heavy on the mercy and grace and dignity….you can imagine that the common out of the blue statements the following kind of tick me off.

“you’re pro-life? oh you must not care about poverty..”

“you don’t agree with birth control? oh well you must not care about all the kids being murdered by troubled youth with gun access..because that is a bigger issue”

“you think sexism still exists in America? oh…well you obviously don’t care about the women in third world countries that can’t even vote”

“you’re pro-life? oh…well you obviously don’t care about the mother’s life”


Since when did me saying “I don’t agree with abortion” =equal= “I could care less about poverty”?

Two completely separate issues.  Yes, women who are targeted for abortions are college women or low SES women…but, why does that mean I suddenly don’t care about them just because I don’t agree with abortion.

I recently commented on a Matt Walsh blog post (someone with very thought provoking pieces that I typically find interesting) that I think that systemic sexism still exists in America (as is evident by my post The Real War on Women)…and I got a response attacking me saying that if I think sexism exists in America I’m obviously blind to the horrific things happening in Muslim countries to women.

Ummmm no…I can think that sexist things still happen. They are clearly on different levels, but just because I call out a sexist culture in America doesn’t suddenly mean I don’t think any other country has sexist issues that are greater.

I don’t understand these conclusions…if someone can help me please do so.

I commonly share information on birth control and get questioned on how I could possibly have an opinion on birth control when children are getting shot at schools…because there are “bigger things to worry about”

Can I have an opinion on multiple things?  Am I allowed to have an opinion on a “minor” issue as well as a “major” issue? I don’t think that my opinion on a “small level” issue means I don’t care about a “larger level issue”.

That just doesn’t seem logical.

Like…two kids get in a little pushing fight..I think they should stop, I have an opinion about that….

However…those kids pushing each other are not quite as big of deal as domestic violence.  If you focus on small level bullying you clearly don’t see that domestic violence is a problem.

What? No!!!!!!

I just want to set the record straight…I choose to speak out on specific issues because I’m passionate about them…but that does in no way mean I don’t care about any other issue out there.

If I didn’t care about poverty, I wouldn’t tithe to support missionaries who serve the poor. Or I would have a hard time being such good friends with a woman who works at a homeless shelter (her blog is awesome..sorry for the shameless plug)

If I didn’t care about women, I wouldn’t work at a crisis pregnancy center.

If I didn’t care about kids being bullied and killed, I wouldn’t be going into school counseling to creative positive environments for youth.

And even if I didn’t have those actions to back me up….who’s to say that if I speak up on one issue that I don’t care about another?

If you don’t take a stance on this…then you obviously don’t take a stance on anything.

^^^(that was sarcastic…in case you took it seriously)


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