Why I Gave Up Pinterest for Lent

Oh how I love Pinterest.

It is arguably one of the greatest creations for someone like me. It’s one of the most effective ways to organize all the great ideas out there. All the recipes I want to try. All the crafts I want to do.

That’s what Pinterest is good for…..but then there’s all that other stuff on there.

The work out routines with the chiseled bodies. The tons and tons and tons of cute outfits. The wedding stuff. The organization tips. The “perfect” life it makes you want.

Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest is a great tool…but I noticed it can also attack women in one of our biggest weak areas.


We are the worst at comparing ourselves. So every time I get on Pinterest to find a recipe or get some crafting inspiration, I also fall prey to the “devil of comparison”.

As I scroll through the feed….

Should I be doing that ab workout?

I need a cuter wardrobe.

Why aren’t my parties “Pinterest Perfect”?

Weddings…rings…(emotional chastity fail)

How should I decorate my future house? (Ya the house that I have no idea what it looks like)

Hmmm…maybe I should reorganize my whole life into cute handmade boxes.


….(2 hours later) and I’m feeling pretty cruddy about myself and all the work I need to do because of Pinterest.

So, in an attempt to free my life from the temptation of the “comparison devil”, I decided to give up Pinterest.

It’s been tough. It is totally my go to place when I’m bored. I realized that even though I like to think I just go there to find some crafts…I definitely go there when I’m bored or procrastinating and then I fall into the pit of comparisons. It turns out, I was mored addicted than I thought. I’m thankful I gave it up so that I can realize this.

So far, this sacrifice has made me so much more aware of this weakness inside me: the comparison devil. I’m the worst. But awareness is the first step right? Recognizing when we are tearing ourselves apart so we can let God build us up has been the most valuable lesson this lent. It has been a sacrifice because of how much I love Pinterest, but it has made me more intentional (or “lententional” haha)

Hopefully by the end of lent, I can get back on Pinterest for my REAL purposes (crafts and recipes) and that’s it! Because, let’s be honest…Pinterest really is great (in moderation).


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