Crafternoon: Mass Quiet Book

So….I’ve been wanting to make AvaMarie a Mass “Quiet Book” similar to this one that I saw on Pinterest. This would be perfect to take to Mass because it’s QUIET and can fit in the little Mass Bag I already made for AvaMarie.  So, I really wanted to make this, but….

1. I didn’t know how

2. When do I have time??

I finally got around to finishing one…(this literally took me months, it was supposed to be AvaMarie’s Christmas gift, but I only just finished it).

Included in the book:

1. Opening prayer with a movable arm to dip into Holy Water

2. Liturgy of the Word with real books!

3. Liturgy of the Eucharist, complete with the consecration


Here’s a look:


Ok…so after I made this book, I wasn’t totally happy with it (yeah, I’m a perfectionist, whatever).  So….after studying some Pinterest quiet books, I decided to take another go at it.  This time I used straight felt.  And can I just say…I LOVE FELT. You don’t have to finish any seems and it looks so much cleaner than my other attempt.  Like…felt looks really, really good! Take a look at “Try #2” with all the same concepts: (Oh, and did I mention this took me 2 DAYS as opposed to a few MONTHS!)


I’m now selling these on my Etsy Shop!!!


19 thoughts on “Crafternoon: Mass Quiet Book

  1. Oh, my… please open an etsy shop! I have nooooo crafty ability, and I would so pay for a book this darling (we do have a busy Bible, but the more the better!) I help my sister with her etsy shop if you want to talk about it at all :).

  2. That’s great! I’d buy it for my godson. Did you hand sew or use a machine? Those look like very straight lines! Did you use a marker for the writing?
    You could also make a felt, interactive rosary. I’ve had that idea in mind for a year now and never got past the idea. ❤

  3. I absolutely love this! My feisty 4-year-old would love it. I would definitely be interested in something like that for her birthday or Christmas. We have 9 kids, so we have plenty of toys. I usually get useful, special things for their gifts because they just don’t “need” anything. Definitely, you should make these and sell them! 🙂

  4. Please let me know if you sell these!! I have been thinking of how it would be useful for toddlers to have something like a checklist they could go through with na, this is basically it! Love it!! I’d also be interested in other books that have other things with Catholic/Christian themes.

  5. I love this!! Would you be interested in selling the pattern in your etsy shop? I’m looking for a good Catholic busy book to make with our co-op moms 🙂

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