The Truth About Women Pt. 2

I wrote this post a LONG time ago called: The Truth About Women Pt. 1

And…the “Pt.1” assumes there is going to be a “Pt. 2” which I totally never go around to writing until today.

And the reason for this is…I have totally been struggling with this “Truth about Women” and didn’t feel like I could write it.  I decided that if I write it, maybe it will give me some conviction to live by this truth and stay accountable.

So a quick recap on the 1st Truth about Women:


We are beautiful, gorgeous, captivating,  valuable, stunning, beloved. 


We have so much worth and dignity that is inherent and unchanging. Nothing we ever do can erase this dignity that we have…nothing. We need to understand this and embrace it….and the best way we can understand this first truth about women…is to receive the second truth about women.

The 2nd Truth about Women is:


It is actually in our DESIGN to be receivers of love, to be pursued, desired, and embraced.

We know this by the way our bodies were designed.  Literally – a woman must receive a man into her body to create life.  Receiving love is a PERQUISITE of being life giving.

Often, us women folk like to give and give and give and give…..but we end up burnt out and exhausted.  Our giving is not very fruitful if we don’t allow ourselves to first RECEIVE LOVE. When we receive love, then we can bring life to others.  (This is especially evident in the creation of a baby…a woman receives love and THEN she gives life)

Now this is obviously easier said than done.  I am a prime example…..I hate letting other people do stuff for me.  I deny generosity on a daily basis.  And I’ve had to learn the hard way how much this hurts people.  I deny authentic love constantly.

Living at home during this season of my life has been especially hard.  The devil tells me I’m pathetic, a burden, and nothing but a leech to my family.  Because I fell for these lies, I find myself constantly hurting my family….feeling guilty ALL THE TIME just for living at home, eating food from the fridge, and having my parents baby sit my daughter.

I can’t enjoy the gifts they are giving me because I am too busy feeling so guilty and unworthy of it all.

A blow out fight with my mom made me realize that I am being selfish.  I am denying genuine gifts of love and I need to learn how to receive love.  And I’ve tried to be better at this…..just saying thank you.  As my friend told me last week when I was denying her gift of gas money, “let me bless you”.

That’s what I struggle with. Letting people, letting GOD bless me and love me.  I end up stressed, isolated, and sad….but I’m doing it to myself.  People love me, but for some reason I don’t let them.  The love is ALWAYS there….I just need to open my heart to it.  This goes back to the 1st Truth about women….we are the crown of creation. We are WORTHY of this love.  These 2 truths go hand in hand.

When I allow people to love me…I am more capable of loving back and giving life.  I am less stressed, less overwhelmed, less exhausted when I simply receive the love that has always been there. When I say thank you.

I pray that all of you lovely women:

1. Know your worth and dignity

2. Receive the love that you deserve

You are all beautiful.


{Here are some practical ways to receive more love in your life}

Practical Ways to Fill the Love Tank

Because when you receive love, then you can give life and know you are beautiful

  • Mass
  • Reconciliation
  • Adoration
  • Rosary! Devotion to the Blessed Mother
  • Coffee with the Girls
  • Dress up, do your hair
  • Paint your nails
  • Start a novena
  • Journal/Devotional
  • Read up on Mary or other awesome lady Saints
  • Enjoy something beautiful (sunset, flowers, chocolate)
  • Take a beauty nap

Receive Love


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