The March for Life: My Take

Today is the March for Life in D.C.

I really want to be there.
Luckily I read this post by a beautiful woman that made me feel better about being home. With my daughter…who is the most precious gift of life I’ve ever been given.
Hopefully I can just love on her today and every day.
that’s what this issue is really about….loving people.
Regardless of the politics, and arguments, and the science behind the morality of abortion….we need to love.  Because behind every abortion is a mother who found herself between a rock and hard place and she chose what she thought was the best option.
That really means…that we as a culture are not giving her better options.  We are not providing resources and support.  We are not giving her a fair decision. There really is a war on women.  Not the war that the media talks about…but the war on women that does not give them support and love.  I heard it eloquently stated on the live stream of the March that “there is a war on motherhood”.
Who wants to give up all dreams and future aspirations to give birth.
Who wants to be disowned and ostracized in a community in order to give birth.
These are not fair decisions.  A woman in this situation should not have to decide between pursuing future dreams or schooling and having a baby.  She should know that there are resources in place for her to do BOTH.
A woman should not have to decide between complete judgment or attack on her character and having a baby. She should know that there are people who support her no matter what and will not treat her poorly because of her unplanned pregnancy.
The same notion goes for those who have suffered the loss of an abortion.  Where can they go to be loved, supported, and receive healing?
We are not doing a good enough job of
1) cultivating a culture of life where people feel loved and supported
2) providing tangible resources for women to make choosing life REAL
Our culture needs a radical change.
We are broken and we need healing.
I have had the privilege of participating in book that just came out at the most perfect time. Tiny Blue Lines: Reclaiming Your Life, Preparing For Your Baby, and Moving Forward in an Unplanned PregnancyI really think this book speaks to the mission of authentic love and support for women.  Chaunie Brusie is such a wonderful woman and mother and I’m honored to have taken a little part in her new book.  I think this book speaks to the culture of life that I’m talking about.  It is about what this battle happening in the trenches.  About the real lives of those affected by unplanned pregnancy.
Read the book.
Or read some of these great posts:
And be inspired to create a culture of life.
tiny blue lines

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