Crafternoon: Mass Bag

I finally took some photos of the gift I gave Little Rose for Christmas.  She is over 1 now and getting smarter by the second.  I had kind of heard of parts of this idea before, but really decided to make it my own.  As I mentioned, Little Rose is starting to get pretty smart….so, being a Catholic nerd, I really want her to understand Mass.

Since she is pretty aware of her surroundings, I thought it might be good to create a “Mass Bag” with “Mass Things” in it.  These Mass toys are the only things she is allowed to have at Mass.  I’m hoping that this will (eventually) teach her that Mass is a sacred celebration and is not a place to bring “ordinary” toys.  While she is young, she can only have “Mass Toys” that are special for Mass. (And hopefully they will still be fun for her at this age.)

Check out my Etsy Shop for some of these Kiddo Mass Things!

So, this is what I came up with:Mass Bag (2) - Copy

Inside, there is a wooden beaded rosary that I made.

Mass Bag (4)

Also, a little saint card flip ring. Made simply by hole punching the laminated saint, prayer cards and putting them on a key ring.

Mass Bag (5)Mass Bag (6)

Some Catholic kids books. This Hail Mary kid’s book happens to be the one in the bag now, but I have many other awesome books from Magnifikid.

Mass Bag (7)

We haven’t actually taken this doll to Mass yet, but it’s an “approved” toy. Isn’t it the cutest?! It’s Huggie Saint doll made by Grandma Penny. I got it from etsy! This one is St. Rose of Lima.

Mass Bag (8)

Finally, you need a cute little bag. This happened to be a gift from my Aunt and it works perfectly.

Mass Bag (1)

Yay! This is my attempt to make Mass fun.

Check out more crafts at Making Things Beautiful.


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