How Mexico Made Me Thankful

Over Christmas Break my dad gifted our family with a little vacation to Mexico!! Yeah…awesome, right?
The trip was amazing:
All-inclusive food/drinks
(Mojitos are my new favorite)
(and rain)
(Yes, I still got a little craft in)
(that pooped on me)

So, the trip was AMAZING and it made me especially thankful in a few ways.

First…it made me thankful for the sun.

The weather was definitely less than perfect. We only got 2 full days of sun and the rest of the days were pretty rainy and dreary. But let me tell you….when the sun came out, we just soaked it up all day. We didn’t want to miss the warmth, and the adventure that the sun brings. The days of rain definitely made the sunny days 100 times better.

Second…it made me thankful for my family.

On trip like this, in a foreign country, you spend your time with your family ALL day. And guess what? It was awesome. I love my family and appreciate the fact that we can get along so well, and even when heads are butting, we can get past it. Plus, my family is just so beautiful.

Third…it made me thankful for life.

My daughter, AvaMarie, gave me the biggest scare of my life so far. I’m sure there is more to come. But, on the last day we were in Mexico, we went to the beach for the last time to soak up some final beach sunshine. Suddenly, AvaMarie starts screaming frantically and I hear my mom shout out “That was a bee….she got stung by a bee!”
Now….when a little girl is that young..14 months to be exact, a bee sting is kind of a big deal.
1)we have no idea if she is allergic or not
2) if she is allergic, we are in a foreign country…how do we get help?
Those 2 factors alone of course led me to thinking the worst. I rushed to AvaMarie and had to literally pull out the bee stinger from her arm and it immediately started swelling. I was FREAKING OUT. I was doing everything I could not to cry and just clutched AvaMarie in my arms. After rushing to the emergency station on the resort, I was shaking. But…the moment we got there, what do you know? AvaMarie is laughing and trying to squirm out of my arms to run to the toys in the gift shop she spotted.
Thank you Jesus!
She wasn’t allergic and she never cried from the sting for the rest of the trip.
This was one of the biggest slap in the face ever. Life is so unpredictable and so precious….and so fragile. I want to do everything I can to protect my baby from any harm, but in the end I can’t spend my life worrying. I can only spend my life thanking. And today I’m thankful for my daughter’s life and health. I will be sure to shoot God some thanks for this every day!


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