Saturday Quick Takes: Christmas Crafts!

— 1 —

Sorry this is a day late….but thus has been my Advent so far..

  — 2 —

I’ve been doing tons of crafting lately and wanted to share!! Yay for cheap, homemade Christmas gifts and cute homemade cards!Christmas CardsChristmas Cards IMG_4774

— 3 —

I had 2 baby showers this month! One was for a little girl on the way…..and it was very exciting because it was OWL themed! And ya’ll know how much I love owls!!

I made this little owl taggie toy for a gift a long with some other store bought items.  So this was the only DIY project….I blame time.Owl Taggie

— 4 —

The second baby shower was for a little boy on the way.  Since I was on the “taggie” kick I made a basketball taggie blanket.  Along with a basketball pacifier clip attached to an awesome basketball pacifier! I added some great athletic socks and this little guy is the next future hoop star!

Basketball TaggieBasketball Paci ClipBasketball Baby

— 5 —

I discovered something super awesome! (thank you Pinterest)  Felt sticks to felt!!!! Yes, you heard me.  This is great for little AvaMarie.  So after this great revelation I made her a little felt Christmas tree. Any felt ornaments will stick to the tree! Of course AvaMarie likes to just shake them all off…but I have fun putting them back on 🙂Felt TreeIMG_20131209_123727_098

— 6 —

For all my girl friends, I made little “sophisticated” flower hair clips. (As opposed to the baby felt ones I make for AvaMarie) They are super easy and can be cute with a side messy bun or something! The basics of how to make the flower are here. Then you simply attach them to a clip rather than a stretchy headband.

Flower ClipFelt BackClips on Clipsflower hair clips

— 7 —

PS all the craftiness will be posted in “Making Things Beautiful

ALSO: The book I’m in is on Amazon!!! If you need a last minute gift for mamas you can check it out! 20% of proceeds go to women in crisis pregnancy!New Life Within

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