Friday Quick Takes: It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas…

— 1 —

Before you do anything….get on Spotify and put the “Charlie Brown Christmas” album on repeat.  Best, most classy Christmas music ever. You won’t regret it. 

— 2 —

Yesterday, I got all reflective about Advent (you can check it out later if you want) and really committed to getting prepped for Christmas (Catholic Style).

  • First is started with playing the Charlie Brown Christmas Album
  • Then I made some homemade Christmas gifts (soon to be posted…but I obviously can’t ruin the surprise)
  • Then I made this awesome felt Christmas tree for AvaMarie to play with
  • Then I read AvaMarie the daily readings from my Magnificat…and she LOVED it. New tradition? YES.

— 3 —

Totally going to the Nutcracker play this weekend and I’m SOO PUMPED!

— 4 —

Finally started to put together the Jesse Tree from a sweet ornament exchange I was lucky to be a part of. Aren’t they cute?


— 5 —

Some exciting news…I’m in a book!!! It’s a collection of various moms from all walks of life telling our little stories.  It’s real. Authentic. Awesomeness.  PLUS- 20% of the proceeds from book sales go to helping women who faced unplanned pregnancies and chose life!! Can it get any better? Maybe even give the cause a Like.

Here’s the info about it:

New Life Within is a series of forty inspiring stories form women of all different walks of life. Every woman’s experience with motherhood is unique and life-altering. What bonds these women together is the belief that every life is precious. Whether you have welcomed motherhood with open arms or found yourself unexpected with child, we want to welcome you to the greatest job you will ever hold. It is our hope that these stories will serve as a source of inspiration and hope to all who read them. A portion of book proceeds goes to support pro-life organizations and serving women in crisis pregnancies and empowering them to choose life.
Release Date: December 19th
Sold: Amazon (other bookstores in the works)
 Here’s the front and back cover!
New Life Within

— 6 —

So this happened like a month ago…but I posted a picture of one of the ObamaCare ads for birth control. I wrote a big long thing on it and somehow a glitch happened and it never posted the full blog post. So….I rewrote it finally and my thoughts on it are up if you want to give some thoughts! It’s here: Hope He’s as Easy to Get as this Birth Control

— 7 —

Would love to hear any awesome Catholic Christmas/Advent traditions….with my new little family I would love some ideas of things to start!

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