Crafternoon: Wedding Gift

Sooo I’m kind of proud of the wedding gift I came up with for a friends wedding this past weekend…..and I thought I would share it with you lovely people!

So…this certain couple has alluded to the fact that they may or may not want to get pregnant relatively soon after their wedding, so that is what inspired this gift.

It is a “baking” theme, complete with everything you need to for some fun in the kitchen making a future “bun in the oven”Β (ha.)

Of course any baking project calls for cute aprons…..

wedding craft (2)

Here’s the “Mrs.” apron:

wedding craft (9) wedding craft (11)

(super easy…just used some spare fabric, ribbon, and a flower)

Here’s the “Mr.” apron:

wedding craft (1)

(even easier…just used a piece of white fabric, 2 buttons, and a ribbon formed into a bow tie)

Next, we need baking supplies: cupcake sheet and cooling rack.

wedding craft (4)

Then we need our mixes and frosting.

wedding craft (6)

Now…just let those buns cook in the oven πŸ˜‰

Obviously I had to include a pregnancy test!

wedding craft (7)


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