The Difference a Coffee Makes

I am so freakin blessed.
Is that an ok way to say that??

When AvaMarie was just…I wanna say…4-5 months old, I really needed help. This was when the “new baby excitement” was kind of wearing off and less and less people offered to help or stop by.

That fact combined with me being terrible at asking for help is was led to a few of these posts:

Single Mom Blues
The Day I Thought I Couldn’t Be a Mom

Anyways….during this time an angel came to show me some real, genuine, authentic love.

We’ll call this angel: MaryJo

So, there was a stretch of time that my mom could not watch AvaMarie while I was work….most of my friends were still in school and my usual back-ups were unavailable.

I was very stressed and the added non-sleeping tricks AvaMarie was pulling these days was not helping!
I was always on the verge of tears it seems (apparently I cry when I’m sleep deprived…it’s actually quite embarrassing when it happens)

Luckily…one of my mom’s friends (MaryJo) jumped on the offer to watch AvaMarie for 2 mornings in a row while I worked.

The first morning, MaryJo came early to see where all the baby stuff was at. She was so friendly and calm that it immediately eased my nervousness of leaving AvaMarie behind.
I completely trusted her.
(And she was just doing this because she wanted to….she never wanted payment)

I wanted to pay her, but I knew she would refuse so I planned to buy her a coffee on the way home.

But…..things ran late at work and I was anxious to get home after the almost 5 hours (I was only supposed to be gone for 4) so I bypassed the coffee and decided to bring her some the next day instead.

Once I finally got home I walked in a little nervous of what to expect and saw AvaMarie completely happy just playing with MaryJo.

“How did she do? Was she good?”
“Oh yeah….she was great, we had so much fun!”

Phew….everything seemed to have gone well.

MaryJo and I chatted for a bit before she left and I tried to pay her but of course she declined. On the way out I asked her what kind of coffee she liked because I wanted to get her some the next day and didn’t have time that day.

She immediately said, “oh I like anything, but you don’t have to do that!”

I told her that I really wanted to, and it was the least I could do for all her help. She finally agreed and left.

The next morning, I was prepping everything for MaryJo again and heard the knock on the door.

I went to go let her in.

As I opened the door, there was MaryJo, smiling, holding out…….a coffee…….for me.


“MaryJo??? What are you doing….I was going to bring you a coffee today!”

“I know, but I thought you might need it more”

Stunned…almost about to cry (sleep deprivation makes me a little extra emotional ok!?) I accepted the coffee….

It was one of the nicest things that has ever happened to me.

ok, ok, you’re probably thinking: a coffee, Raquel, really?

But seriously…this woman was babysitting for FREE when I couldn’t find anyone else for several days and would not accept any payment and actually brought me a coffee.

Who does that???

Angels do.

That’s the only explanation for this sheer kindness.

But….there’s more.

After MaryJo completely made my morning a million times better than they ever are, (I’m not a morning person…AT ALL) I came home to a perfectly happy baby.

MaryJo and I chatted some more and I thanked her repeatedly because of her selflessness in helping me.
She of course kept shrugging it off and kept saying she would do this any time I needed (I knew she was telling the truth too.)

Finally, she headed out and I was so pleased with how a last second babysitter ended up being the best gift and reminder of what it means to love your neighbor.

Then…..I headed to my room to get something, and I saw a card on my bed.

It was from MaryJo.

Inside there was a giftcard….for me to spend and the sweetest note.


I truly am blessed beyond words.
I’m so thankful that God continuously sends little angels into my life to let me know how much I am loved.
Thank you MaryJo….You’ll always be one of my angels.


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