“Hope He’s as Easy to Get as this Birth Control”

I recently saw this ad on the news and almost threw up. Have you seen this???


This ad is wrong on sooooo many levels…I’m literally stunned that something like is is actually out in public.

This ad is unfortunately an accurate reflection of what birth control represents: the ability to be selfish, lust, and participate in uncommitted, unloving, sex.

Who wants that?

Birth control is supposedly supposed to be a “liberating” tool for women to be “equal” with men.  This really erks me, because in my mind, being expected to take a pill EVERY single day at the same time that has TERRIBLE side effects to my body is in NO WAY liberating.  In fact I think it’s actually quite sexist that birth control is the only way women are considered equal to men.

Does anybody realize that equality does not mean sameness.

Birth control essentially makes a woman the same as a man in that she can not produce life.  The whole argument around birth control is surrounded by the notion that if men can be sexually promiscuous without any consequences, then so should women….


Who said living life promiscuously without consequences was a good thing to do in the first place???

Helen Alvare (amazing professor/lawyer/wife/mother) talks about how birth control involves the idea of “risk compensation”

Risk Compensation: “If you lower the cost of things, people will buy more of it…. [I]f you lower the cost of uncommitted sexual encounters, you completely dissociate sex from pregnancy and birth and a lifetime of child care. People will engage in more uncommitted sexual encounters.”


Sex in pre-birth control days was coupled with pregnancy and responsibility.  Now sex and pregnancy/responsibility are divorced….which obviously leads to a lot of things like this:

  • Unplanned pregnancy
  • STDs
  • Affairs
  • Brokenness

As Timothy Reichert states in his article Bitter Pill ( a MUST read), in terms of comprehending this…the sex market used to be in the same market as marriage.  Now, those two markets are on completely different levels….which means it no longer takes love or commitment or a ceremony to have sex.  The price for sex is unbelievably cheap.

Before…the price for sex was (gasp) marriage.

Someone explain to me why that ^^ is a bad thing??

Marriage for sex seems like a good bargain….assuming your love is pure, selfless, and committed.  This leaves pretty much no room for the risks I already mention from uncommitted sex.

In all seriousness though, women deserve better than this.



4 thoughts on ““Hope He’s as Easy to Get as this Birth Control”

  1. Oh my goodness!!!! I had not seen that yet. That is terrible! What upsets me is how much of the focus for this new healthcare is on women’s “rights” and birth control. What about helping those fighting cancer, heart disease, or any number of illnesses? It’s a sobering realization that the emphasis seems to be on preventing life instead of protecting and preserving it!

  2. OMG..that is absolutely sickening….unbelievable ad !..and probably some pill producing company pumping lots of money to Obama !!

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